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News flash in from PJ this week…..”Just in case you thought I don’t ever finish something!” Now that did bring a smile. PJ finishes much and I am delighted that she shared her photos (added a couple of mine) to enjoy!  PJ knit her version of the Honey Cowl using 100% merino “Sock” yarn by Malabrigo. The sweater and cap were knit in Bel Canto….now a discontinued yarn.

You can see more of PJ’s work and comments on Ravelry at PJKnitsUFOs .

The Honeycomb Cowl found on ravelry.com is a big hit with several in this knitting community. You’ve now seen a couple on this blog….there will be a couple more showing within the month. I’ve knit 3 inches of 320 stitches on sock weight yarn….only 8 inches to go. Click, click!!

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We do cook….and we do knit! Many of us refer to our knitting patterns as our knitting recipes! Here’s a bit of what’s cooking at the moment.

Kimberly - Honeycomb Cowl

Kimberly – Honeycomb Cowl

Some of us….Kimberly, Jean, PJ and Laurel are knitting (or just completed) the Honeycomb Cowl  published by Madelinetosh and featured on Ravelry.com. This simple 4-row pattern, worked in the round, produces excellent results. You have two choices for the number of stitches to cast on…it all depends on whether you want to have a single “wrap” around your neck or a longer cowl that you can wrap twice around. Oh……I have just added this pattern to my “do list”…..will knit with the wonderful yarn that “my personal shoppers” picked for me at Interweave Lab Knit last fall.

PJ has repurposed a merino sock yarn for her version, Jean’s version is a brown wool yarn, and Laurel is knitting her version with Brown Sheep’s Superwash Pride in Mint.

My (Carolyn) Hitchhiker Scarf

My (Carolyn) Hitchhiker Scarf

I think I mentioned recently that I was a season or two behind (on many fronts)…and that I  embarked on knitting the lovely merino sock yarn that was gifted to me by Maurie when she returned from working in Germany a few moons ago. I’ve loved this yarn but couldn’t decide how I wanted to “feature” it. I finally embraced the ever-popular Hitchhiker scarf. My tune now is much like “99 bottles of beer on the wall”…..I am humming “32 thumbs on the hike and only 11 to go”! Who knows why but I had a bit of a “brain freeze” in the beginning and a couple of the thumbs weren’t quite right! I had a knitting melt down and frogged back to almost the beginning. I am quite happy now and will be wearing this soon. In fact, I am now catching up on Downton Abbey and plan to start Season 3 after a meeting tonight. Looks like I will make a dent in “only 11 to go”!

New Sock for Bonnie

Bonnie recently purchased this lovely colorful packet of mini-skeins of yarn….I think it was at the Interweave Knit Lab last fall. She has designed her sock with her color line-up choices and she is custom-shaping. I love this sock and the custom fitting!

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