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The Sweater - and the bride and groom

The Sweater – and the bride and groom

Do you recall the recent post about the sweater knit for the bride? This morning the bride’s mother – the knitter – sent a photo of the bride wearing her lovely sweater.  In Alice’s words….”Thanks for your help, Carolyn. The fit was perfect and Kristina was so happy with the sweater. It was just what she had hoped for with the modifications that were made. ”

Alice, she indeed looked beautiful and how fun for me to be able to chat/work with you re: this lovely project which is truly a work of art. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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A gift of love….

A gift of love

It was a recent Saturday morning knit “jam”…we were knitting and talking away when Nina says (very moved), “Carolyn, look at what Carol just gave me!” You can see Nina (on the right) wearing this lovely seed stitch burly/bulky yarn scarf….Carol is on the left. I don’t know their conversation…but I do know it was one of love and caring.

This was indeed a special moment – Nina has recently lost her husband Abe after a lengthy period of illness. We’ve shared their journey for several years….we were all moved by Carol’s generosity of the gift of love in the form of a knitted scarf.

Abe’s memorial is this weekend and our hearts are with Nina and her family!

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