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Connie, Karen, and Carolyn at Stitches West 2010

Connie, Karen, and Carolyn at Stitches West 2010

We went to Stitches! I had given myself a time out this year…but on Saturday morning the phone rang and the next thing you know I was off to Stitches with Knitting Workshop friends, Karen and Connie. We spent a little over 4 hours at the show… and in that time we covered a lot of ground.

Karen and Connie walked away with 7 projects between the two of them..and some do-dads.  I walked away inspired by a number of lovely garments….a couple of long tanks, a long vest, and several Jane Slicer Smith’s designs. 

As for me I saw a lot of my old customers and retail friends. So…I’ll name drop for a moment because I am grateful to have these folks as friends through this wonderful knitting world. In many cases some of us had not seen each other for a year. The first person inside the door that I saw was the knit designer Chris Bylsma. She was between knitting classes and our paths might not have crossed otherwise. Had a chance to chat with Jane Slicer Smith….the featured designer at this year’s Stitches Event. Lorna Miser and I bumped into each other in on the aisles full of customers looking for “something”. Checked in with Maggi of MaggiKnits and pleased that she had a moment to touch base in the midst of her busy booth.  Helen Hamman was challenged in her booth…most of her goods to sell were “stuck” in customs! Now that would create a challenge. It’s always good to see Cheryl Oberle…we often were business neighbors at past Stitches Events. And lastly I was able to exchange a quick greeting with the great folks from Australia. In years past I have indulged myself at the end of Stitches by purchasing one their lovely woven garments.

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