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BTW...I want Melissa's boots!!

BTW…I want Melissa’s boots!!

It’s preview market night….there is a line to enter the market floor…..knitters are every where!  I capture the beginnings of the crowd and burst into glee when I realize Melissa Leapman, one of my favorite people/instructors, is part of that crowd. Thursday night was busy, Friday was over the stop. We – Maggie, Heather and  I – barely stopped all day. Some of the Friday workshop group met for drinks and dinner Friday night….great fun but no photos…one of us was sick and it didn’t seem right to shoot photos. It was so great to so many old friends while retailing in Maggi’s booth…..I didn’t capture everyone on film. It was great to see Shelli from Knitterly in Petaluma and Liza Souza….both every so briefly but glad to connect. I do love our knitting community.

Oh…..and I did buy something (if you look closely at the photo of Lyn from Cabin Fever/Shetland Yarns you will see the model)….only one thing but it was a kit that I couldn’t resist.

Let’s “shop”!

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