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….hmmm, would that be 10 football fields, 1 running back with a 1,000 yards, or 10 running backs with 100 yards?

No, it would be 1,000 yards of MaggiKnits linen….knitted up in a stole or poncho…all set for spring! Join us in this spring (yes, spring – time to start now to be ready with spring wardrobe) promotion.

1,000 yds (8 skeins @ 125 yds). Regular Price (8 skeins) $63.60

1,000 Yards Spring Promotion Price (8 skeins) $50.00

Includes complimentary pattern stitch designs and suggested sizes for 1,000 yards

Promotion Code: 1000

Online Store

Good thru Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mock Cable Stitch Design


Bathing Beauties Stole

Bathing Beauties Stole

Available colors

33 Red Orange

14 Turquoise

31 Green

10 Red

07 Cream

11 Dusty Pink

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