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Quick update to the truck sweater post – posted earlier this week: the”Playful Sweater” pattern has three choices for design – trucks, cars and sailboats. I updated the previous post to include those possibilities….and, by the way, Merle’s sweater is growing.

Merles car sweater is growing!

Merle's car sweater is growing!

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Sarah is in our Friday morning knitting workshop…and she knits, she spins, she knits. She has made this wonderful truck sweater (pattern from Green Mountain Spinnery) a couple of times (lucky children in her circle)…..and now she has inspired Merle who is knitting cars rather trucks. You will be seeing more knitted garments from both of them in the days ahead.

p.s. you can also see more written about Sarah and the “truck” sweater at Kimberly’s Craftini

Coming next: Friday Morning Knitting Workshop Tales

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