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Marsha in her self-designed sweater

Doesn’t Marsha (from Tuesday knitting   workshop group) look great in her self-designed sweater?

She knew that she wanted a simple sweater…and we designed it together. She chose Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. We took her body measurements….added the ease…she knit her gauge swatch. She then used this information to calculate how many stitches to cast on….she cast on and she was off knitting in the round.

It all went smoothly…trying on every so often to be sure that our math was working. Every step of the way the sweater looked great on Marsha.

And then there was the neck….it was too tight! Back up…. we decided that she needed more depth on the collar and a different cast off – P2tog…a wonderfully elastic cast off!

Here’s the cast off: P2 tog, *slip resulting stitch back to left needle, purl it together with the next stitch”, repeat until 1 stitch left on right needle. Cut yarn with 6in length. Thread yarn through last stitch and pull tight.

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