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Creativity abounds!


The CAL bag

All around the table the needles were clicking and the conversations were animated, as always at the Friday morning knitting group, and two FO’s got captured on the camera. Patricia has embarked upon making the most lovely project-style  fully-lined bags…they are so stylish and so functional. One of her most recent is the bag she made with Cal-motif  fabric for our Friday morning Cal Supporter – Jean.

Jean and Patricia

I purchased one from her recently…and surprise of surpises…the motif design on mine is dog-related. We can look forward to more of Patricia’s bag designs soon.

The Twirly Skirt

Janie showed the Twirly Skirt that she just finished knitting for her 4-yr old granddaughter. It is so darn cute. The name of the yarn escapes me but it is a “tutti-fruity” kind of style – yarn flecked with color.

I am quite taken with the knitted Twirly Skirt  as  Christmas gifts for my very young nieces. So, I’ve just placed a call to my sister and forwarded the link to her…so I can get the “approval”. She’s always appreciative…but I know the girls are starting to form their opinions – ages 8, 6, & 4 (I think) – and just want to be sure they will think it as cute as I do!

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