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Penny has been knitting since high school

A few weeks ago an old friend (from high school) and I reconnected through that amazing social network – Facebook. After inquiring about where we both live, etc. Penny says, “your knitting thing made me think that it was you that taught me how to knit.” And I think I did!

She also said, “I don’t do a lot of knitting but some. I have been making  hooded sweaters for babies that I give away. I will send pictures and the pattern if you would like it. The sweaters that I make are for people that don’t have anything or girls whose families won’t help them.” 

I asked Penny if she had a specific charity that she gives to. ” Yes they go to the hospital in the area.” She lives in Nebraska.

I, of course, am thrilled that my love of knitting has led me to teach many to knit and share in the creativity and pleasure of this craft.

Penny did share the pattern…complimentary for charity work…and she will send photos soon of her recent creations.

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