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diane-and-carolyn-rebozoSeveral years ago Diane and I knit the Rebozo Shawl. Since our original showing/sharing mine was lost a few years ago at a fashion show where I was modeling my shawl. I have hated the loss of that shawl which I knit in memory of knitting friend Sandy. I knew that I wanted to knit it again but knew it would make me too sad to knit in the same color but I did knit it again in a different colorway…. in the memory of Sandy and the original shawl.


The beginnings of my replacement Rebozo inspired fellow knitter Susan from Saturday knitting workshop to knit one. We both used Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. Today we modeled the old and the new……Diane’s two renditions (modeled by Diane and Jan) and the latest from Susan and me. Susan is so happy with hers that she has already embarked on her second one. Note that each shawl has its own unique creativity…..besides colorway and yarn differences each shawl striping pattern is slightly different.

Even though there is/was a lot of knitting in these shawls…..each row on mine was 400 stitches on size 6 needle it is a pleasure to knit and so fun to have the finished results. I know you will see us about town in our shawls.

Below you can see from needles through blocking to finished garment. I generally do a wet block which means I wash (soak) on gentle cycle on my old washing machine in a non-detergent soap. I do not rinse but do spin it dry. Then the damp garment is taken to the studio table to be hand blocked….I literally use my hands to press the garment out. It is laid on towel(s) and covered with towel(s). Once dry….it’s done and looks so gently blocked. I love the results.

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Some of you may recall that for several years I have modeled garments that I’ve knit in the Home Economics Club of Contra College’s Annual Fashion Show. Last June I modeled three garments….and arrived home with two. The item that did not return with me was the Rebozo Stole that I knit in Sandy’s memory. This stole was extraordinarily special to me….I helped Sandy pick out the yarn for this project and it was still in her “to-do” stash when her health took a turn for the worst..and she passed away with several of us by her bedside. I knit this stole with such fond memories. I was so proud to model it….I loved it and I loved the memories behind it.

I knew as soon as I got home at the end of the day that the stole was missing. I was so annoyed with myself thinking that I must have dropped it in my haste to get back to the day job. I called the Center where the show was…no there was no stole. I was possessed and drove the 10 miles back to the Center to look for myself. It wasn’t there. For these many months past I’ve often had the “missing stole dismay” pass by me. How could have I lost the stole…how could I left it behind…did I?

Yesterday Lucille of the Home Ec group called wanting to set up a time to meet…we chose 5 pm today. She came with a gift  offered because the Club felt so bad about my stole. What I learned today is that I did leave it at the Center and it was seen after I left….but it did disappear later in the day. This random act of kindness from this wonderful group is because they felt bad for me that I left something precious to me behind. Their gift is heartfelt….I am so grateful for their thoughtfulness. It’s been on my mind to purchase the same yarn to knit the stole again. I loved it then and now it would be an extra special memory.

Diane and Carolyn in their Rebozo StolesDiane and I wearing our Rebozo’s in 2009

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