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Sad News

During this last week I’ve heard from a couple of our Skein Lane Knitting Retreat friends, Betsy and Shirley, that their very good friend Sally passed away.

It was so good to see Sally at retreat last fall….she had been ill earlier in the year and she was determined to join her friends at the knitting retreat.  Sally and her buddies had been coming to our retreats for two or three years….or maybe even more….you know how the years just slip by.

Betsy tells us that a few months ago Sally’s health took a turn for the worst and then she didn’t survive emergency surgery.

I know her family and friends will miss her….and we will certainly miss her smiling face and spirit come next retreat.

Sally, Tabitha, and Betsy

Sally, Tabitha, and Betsy

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Sally, Carolyn, and Nancy

So long until next year! Sally, Carolyn and Nancy


We are so fortunate – Sally and Nancy are returning for next year’s retreat….same place – Marconi Conference Center and the date is Oct 1, 2 & 3.

We are considering adding an extra day…let us know your thoughts.

You can sign up now at the Skein Lane website or call 510.525.9276

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