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The Rebozo StoleThis is a wonderful design from Cheryl Oberle featured in Folk Shawls. I helped Sandy pick out this yarn, Silky Wool and Silky Wool Tweed, for a stole for one of her relatives. And then Sandy’s health condition got worse…she wasn’t able to recover and she left us in March 2006. I inherited this part of her yarn stash….I loved the project itself and had such fun helping her to pick out the yarns. And then I had the fun of knitting  it ….a special memory of Sandy.

…..Silky Wool is available through Skein Lane Studio; Silky Wool Tweed has been discontinued.

Diane also knit the Rebozo.  She used Shetland Wool. After wearing it a couple of times, she discovered that the yarn had broken on her cast-on row. She didn’t remember what method she used, but it was taut….and it continued to break and break along the cast-on row.  Finally, we cut that black edge off…..oh, yes, it was black! We picked up the stitches and then bound them off. Another success story…with a few choice words along the way. But the end result was that we were both very happy for Diane.

….reminder to double click photos for up and personal look!

Coming next: The Saga of the Stoles – Part 5  (We’re almost there!)

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