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I’m beginning realize that the knitters in the Skein Lane knitting workshops are knitting faster than I can post. At tonight’s, Thursday knitting workshop, there were several beauties. To share a few of them – Phyllis was just finishing up a caplet for her daughter, Laura showed two intarsia hats, Debbie showed a cable sweater in progress, Diane showed her blanket/afghan, Jean is working on an eggplant hat for a neighbor child, Linda is working on a sweater vest for her son…..and I am now 36 rows away from being done with my afghan – the heat got in the way.

Fire Captain Terry also showed her latest and we were able to capture that on camera.

Two items – sweater sleeves and socks


Notice the sock laying on one of sleeves…it is a self-striping watermelon design from knitpurlgirl.com

The sleeves are for the sweater Lava designed by  Jane Slicer-Smith and featured in  Swing Swagger Drape.  A knitting tip here: remember gauge is all important. Terry chose four brilliant colors of a lovely yarn. Tonight she mentioned that the sleeves were too long.
Note: the rows to the inch is critical to this pattern with its different intarsia depths. The gauge of the yarn that Terry had chosen did not match the yarn called for. She needed 7.25 rows to the inch and she was getting 6.9 or so. One might ask, “What’s the big deal?” This difference in row length for an intarsia design caused the sweater to be at least 2 inches longer than it should have been. Well….Terry is the ever adventuresome knitter…and she says no problem, I will select a new yarn. Stay tuned for what her sleeves look like next week…she will be using Cascade 220 for this design.

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I received this message from Maurie…….you’ll see in a moment what a small world this can be!

“I had to send you this. 
I took the day off and went to the orchid show at Ft. Mason with a couple of friends from my old job.  I was walking around knitting.  Some ladies couldn’t believe that I could look at orchids and knit and another lady wanted to know how I could look at anything but the orchids.  I also got an invitation to join the knitting guild in San Leandro.  She gave me the phone number of the vice president.  She had a “potato chip” scarf on that she had made.
There was a young woman pushing a buggy-thing with a baby in it.  The baby’s name was Ian.  His grandmom was there taking pictures with a fancy looking camera, pictures of him flirting with me.  There was a blanket in that buggy that I recognized, turquoise squares and multicolored blocks with hearts kintted in.  Ian’s mom said that Terry Bloomberg knitted it.  She said it’s his favorite blanket.  She was pretty pleased with it.  Isn’t that fun?  Maurie”

Another creation from Terry

Terry and Maurie both attend the Skein Lane Saturday morning knitting workshop.

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