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Once again we, the Friday Morning Knitting Group, gathered to celebrate the season….we’ve been doing this for so many years that I can’t remember how many. For all of those years (except one) we have celebrated at SkatesOnTheBay on the Berkeley Marina. This year one of our beloved, Karen K, opened her home to our “catered” order from Picantes in Berkeley. Some of us brought desserts. And let’s not forget the margaritas…..how wonderful that Cameron and Sheri make the best.

There were fifteen of our group of eighteen who gathered to share the love and friendship that has grown from our initial love of knitting that brought us together. We missed three of our gang- one traveling  and two under the weather. We missed Connie, Patricia and Sandy but they were certainly in our thoughts.

The beauty of the setting in Karen’s home is that two tables were arranged so we could all see and hear each other…unlike restaurant settings where it has typically been a long table and we don’t get to visit easily with all. Well….we visited, ate, drank and had our “elephant” gift exchange. What a lovely time.

Round the table we go……


We toasted friendship and love…….and another toast for my news early this week that my PETscan was normal. Jewelry maker extraordinaire Mayra treated me with necklace like hers that I’ve been admiring….well coveting.

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Today was the day for Friday Morning Knitting Group to celebrate the season. We knit this morning…shared stories both sad and happy….one of us got a make-up job (lucky me)….we do many things while knit.

We’ve been celebrating friendship and the season for so many years that I’ve forgotten. It is our love of knitting that brought us together and it is the love of the friendships and knitting that weave us together. There were 14 of us at Cugini’s in Albany for our annual “tis the season” luncheon celebration. We wish that Ellen and Merle could have been there…but they sent love and greetings. You would think we would run out of things to say….but rarely is there a quiet moment. After we dined we had one of the best white elephant gift exchanges…we’ve stepped it up a notch in that we really don’t want a bad gift….just to share those things that another might enjoy more than we do! One of the hot items of the day was Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2 – Cables. It got “stolen” two or three times. There was lots of yarn, a lovely wallet, gift certificate for a manicure, jam, a decorative bag, a lovely bead item which I named a knitting rosary…Jean did not want to give that up…I had to help her display it. Luckily, she was able to keep it.

Now….a photo gallery of the joy at our celebration. Tis the season!


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