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The blessings of the season have been on my mind…….and one of the many are the friendships that are shared throughout our knitting groups. Friday morning knitting group aka FMKG celebrated at Skates on the Bay (Berkeley) yesterday….there were 16 of us there (only one was unable to make it….we missed you Rachelle). We shared years of friendship, a meal, drinks of course, and a “gentle” white elephant gift exchange. I was #1 on the exchange…..and I am pleased to report that I love my gift….and the giver was happy that I received it! Look below for some flashbacks to our previous celebrations!

We knit….we celebrate!

Kimberly and Jan knitting!

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Susanne in shrug

We, the Saturday knitters, are getting ready for our annual ’tis the Season’ brunch and along with that we are having a “white elephant gift swap”. We’ve decided it is a gift of one skein/ball (or equivalent) of yarn from our personal yarn stashes. Susanne began her “search”.


“So the search is on to find something to share. Holy Crap! I am starting sweat at my stash. Where to start! I can’t process it all!! Going to take dogs for walk and avoid for now. Love to you all!” Susanne

Some thoughts came back from Susanne’s email.

….from Diane – “Yes, I’d say you have a bit of a dilemma there!”

….from Katie – “Especially since they’re all upside down. How do you read the labels, by standing on your head?” 😮 Note: the photos came in upside down…easily remedied!

….from Janie – “Holy crap is right! Can’t wait to see what you bring us Susanne. (In all honesty, my stash is just about as frightening.) This ought to be a FUN yarn exchange! Can’t wait.” Janie xo

….me (Carolyn) – I decline to comment as I am over the top with my stash! Well…it looks like I just did comment!

Last words from Susanne for the moment on the stash topic!

Carolyn,  you can blog about my stash, if you turn the pictures right side up! There is still more yarn, all the ribbon in a bag for a shawl project and several “on the needles” project…. Confessions of a knitter!!

Love to ya,


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