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Janie joined one of our knitting workshops a couple of months ago. She not only embarked on a sweater but it was her first…..and it’s done. Her inspiration for her garment came from  Creative Knitting Magazine, Sept. 2009.  It’s called Short-Sleeved Cardigan and the skill level is just a bit harder than “Easy”. Janie is not sure that she agrees with that description.

As I often say, use the pattern as the beginning of the road map for the knitting trip and then feel free to take diversions. In this case, we changed the yoke pattern, the placement of the top buttonhole and the yarn. The yarn that she chose was Brown Sheep’s cotton fleece…an old time favorite of mine. Back to the yoke pattern for a moment. The designer of the pattern had in mind that the yoke would be the Trinity stitch…sometimes known as the Bramble Stitch. Janie has a shoulder injury that was not compatible with this pattern. I suggested that she use the Pebble Stitch aka Sand Stitch I didn’t find a good link for that …so here is the reversible stitch pattern. This is a 2-row pattern – Row 1: Knit; Row 2 – Knit one, purl one. She is really pleased with the results!

Congratulations to Janie for a job well done.

An aside for Janie…..she not only knits, helps with her grandchildren, she designs jewelry. Check out her website.

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So many choices…so many knitters….great designs! Where to begin…this will be a random sampling of projects in process or finished over the last few months.

Given that I attached descriptions directly to photos in this post…I will list some of the links here for you.

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Just recently Debbie, a Thursday night knit workshop knitter and a regular Skein Lane retreater, shared her most recent excitement. She just purchased a home on the coast that she really…really wanted. The first thing to share here is that the clincher that closed the deal. Debbie is the kind of person who is quite financially sound and has chosen not to have credit cards. This  actually created a challenge for her lenders to the close the deal…they were looking for info about her payment patterns. She called me in a panic and requested a letter saying that she had been a customer of Skein Lane for a number of years, paid her bills on time, and had no outstanding balances. (All of which is true!) Can you believe that the letter from her knitting enabler was the decisive factor in granting her the property loan? Go Debbie!

More about Debbie….she is an avid crafter. She knits, beads, spins, dyes…that is just a bit that I know. Her excitement about fiber arts is so inspiring….I still am enjoying her glee when she was  sharing  her fiber arts experiences at our recent retreat. I am in awe of how much Debbie accomplishes…not only does she craft at the handcraft (not homemade) level, she “runs” a school and finds time to spend with her husband.

Skein Lane Retreat 2009 051

Debbie sharing her dying results with her teachers - Marlee and Mimi

Debbie has given me permission to post her latest sentiments. ” All in all a great collection of photos and precious moments at the retreat. The pleasure of knitting and crocheting has brought so many special moments into my life as well as the very amazing beach house soon to be filled with fiber art projects and accomplishments. Thank you so much.”

Debbie so warms my heart! And now thank you to Debbie.

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Sally, Carolyn, and Nancy

So long until next year! Sally, Carolyn and Nancy


We are so fortunate – Sally and Nancy are returning for next year’s retreat….same place – Marconi Conference Center and the date is Oct 1, 2 & 3.

We are considering adding an extra day…let us know your thoughts.

You can sign up now at the Skein Lane website or call 510.525.9276

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It was the night before retreat and a call came from Ariane…”I know this is a last minute question…but would there be any space available for the retreat?” As it turns out we had one unfilled bed. And what a joy to have Ariane join us. I was fortunate enough to share a room with her and Carrie.

Here’s Ariane’s show and tell …. her own private fashion show. The pattern came from a class that she took…she will tell us more…the yarn was Knit One, Crochet Too, US dk 100% wool.

Skein Lane Retreat 2009 104


Skein Lane Retreat 2009 103

Ariane - the detail

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Bonnie was one of the attendees at our recent Skein Lane Retreat. There are many reasons why it was such a joy for her to be there…one of which is that she brings  inspiration wherever she goes.

We met, four or five years ago in my retail knitting shop,  about a year after she was in a serious automobile accident.  She was (and still is) a young vibrant working mother who was driving to work early one morning on an East Bay country road …I believe she had at least two jobs and a young son that she was and is raising. Her car went off the road and hit a guardrail…and that guardrail  severed her leg and then pressed against her body and saved her from bleeding to death.


Nancy and Bonnie

She now works with seniors, teaches dance, performs, and knits while she raises her son! Here is she is with Nancy Bush  at our recent retreat showing the yellow socks project that was featured on Ravelry.

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Here’s a showing of the garments modeled in the Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves category.

Several of us have knit the La Alhambra stole design that Debbie is modeling. we have knit it in different colorways making them all unique

Debbie modeling La Alhambra

Debbie modeling her La Alhambra stole- a design from MaggiKnits and she knit with MaggiKnits Cotton, Linen, and Misty Slub. This stole is joined together with buttons making it sit on your shoulders much like a poncho. The beauty of this garment is that you can wear it several ways...just as Debbie is in the photo...you reverse it...or you can have it drape off your shoulder.

Linda and her capelet

Linda and her capelet. The pattern she used was Sivia Harding's Aphrodite. The yarn used was 2 skeins of Lorna's sock yarn (430 yds.) for the main color. The trim was done in 1 3/4 skeins of Frog Tree alpaca sport (130 yds. per skein). Sivia's pattern does not have a neck closure but Linda added a crochet loop closure.


Gwen with lovely shawl

Gwen with lovely shawl

Karen in her lovely shawl

Karen in her lovely shawl. the design is a free pattern on Ravelry called Percy. She used South Winds Trading Jezebel, which is a lightweight fingering.

Ruth's shawl

Ruth's shawl.The pattern was the Luna Moth Shawl and the yarn was Misti Alpaca, worsted weight. Ellen and Ruth used the same pattern and brand of yarn, but different weights.

Darliss - a beautiful stole that was once displayed in my shop!

Darlis - a beautiful stole that was once displayed in my shop! The pattern is Stitch Half Circle by Martha Waterman, in her book Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls.

Ellen's shawl - The Luna Moth

Ellen's shawl - The Luna Moth pattern is free from elann.com and Ellen knit her shawl with Misti Alpaca Handpaints in DK wt.

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This year’s retreat fell on Eleanor’s husband’s birthday…and he joined for the weekend. He was such a good sport…he read while we were in workshops……he modeled not only a sweater for Eleanor…but one for Alice….and he also showed socks. Yeah Nick!

More fiber details will be posted on photos later today.

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