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Heard at the knitting table

Some of the things heard at Saturday morning workshop.

The Sea of Garter Stitches

The Sea of Garter Stitches

Susanne as she talks about her Moderne Baby Blanket – a garter stitch pattern from Mason-Dixon. “I am stuck in a sea of garter stitches!” 

Margo is working on a sweater for her sister…and we hear her say as she is frogging this sweater, “I come with a garment and leave with skeins.

From Margot again. She is casting on again for the second sweater for her sister and she says, “OMG – I have to take it out!”  She had cast on and forgot that her design called for ribbing at the beginning and she “knit” right by that.

Soon we will have to audio to these posts. The delivery from the folks in extraordinarily funny.

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