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Sad News

During this last week I’ve heard from a couple of our Skein Lane Knitting Retreat friends, Betsy and Shirley, that their very good friend Sally passed away.

It was so good to see Sally at retreat last fall….she had been ill earlier in the year and she was determined to join her friends at the knitting retreat.  Sally and her buddies had been coming to our retreats for two or three years….or maybe even more….you know how the years just slip by.

Betsy tells us that a few months ago Sally’s health took a turn for the worst and then she didn’t survive emergency surgery.

I know her family and friends will miss her….and we will certainly miss her smiling face and spirit come next retreat.

Sally, Tabitha, and Betsy

Sally, Tabitha, and Betsy

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The baby gift!

It wasn’t that long ago that Shari was working her way through what seemed to be the never-ending seed stitch (also often referred to as Moss Stitch) baby blanket. Would it ever be done?!

It’ done! Here’s the knitting journey to the baby.

You can read more about the making of this baby blanket at an earlier post.

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Isager Yarn

Sofia by CocoKnits

Sofia by CocoKnits

A correction to the Part 2 post of Stitches…..Connie is actually knitting the pattern Sofia from CocoKnits. Here is a photo of that garment…the yarn is the same as earlier reported – Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Flamme.

Another of Karen’s purchases was Isager wool…..she will embark on a stole – Dawn- from the book The Fine Line by Grace Anna Farrow!

Dawn - The Stole that Karen will knit!

Karen’s selection of colors – black, gray, and blue – will make her stole a classic. She is one of those folks who looks smashing in stoles and it will be fun to see her wrapped in this one…..both in the knitting and the wearing!

We stopped at many booths and one of them was Koliage Yarns. This booth had unusual yarns…..I knit with Milky Whey – truly has milk protein in the yarn – 50% soy and 50% milk (protein). Isn’t it amazing what fiber combinations we are so fortunate to experience. This yarn was beautiful and a pleasure to knit. I used the square needles that so many of you rave about and I was quite pleased with the feel of the needles. Who knew?!

When I was younger I was not a fan of the garter stitch by itself…and now with such wonderful fibers and pattern designs I find myself drawn to it often…. I’ve knit a lot of garter in the last couple of years….Moderne Baby Blanket, Stoles, and am now finishing up a Tomten jacket for my newly born nephew. (The mother is too busy to take time read this and learn about the gift.) At Stitches I as inspired by a vest – Chanel style – that had very simple elegant lines created by garter stitch being knit in several directions. When I woke in the middle of the night recently I began planning the yarn that I will use. Stay tuned!

Well….it’s time to wrap up this journey. It’s a lovely experience to spend the day amongst fiber and friends.

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I received this message from Maurie…….you’ll see in a moment what a small world this can be!

“I had to send you this. 
I took the day off and went to the orchid show at Ft. Mason with a couple of friends from my old job.  I was walking around knitting.  Some ladies couldn’t believe that I could look at orchids and knit and another lady wanted to know how I could look at anything but the orchids.  I also got an invitation to join the knitting guild in San Leandro.  She gave me the phone number of the vice president.  She had a “potato chip” scarf on that she had made.
There was a young woman pushing a buggy-thing with a baby in it.  The baby’s name was Ian.  His grandmom was there taking pictures with a fancy looking camera, pictures of him flirting with me.  There was a blanket in that buggy that I recognized, turquoise squares and multicolored blocks with hearts kintted in.  Ian’s mom said that Terry Bloomberg knitted it.  She said it’s his favorite blanket.  She was pretty pleased with it.  Isn’t that fun?  Maurie”

Another creation from Terry

Terry and Maurie both attend the Skein Lane Saturday morning knitting workshop.

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News in from Kimberly – “K2Tog has just received “The Hapsaalu Shawl” book that Nancy Bush was talking about. It is in English and is GORGEOUS. Full of history, pictures and charts. We had three copies and are now down to two.” While I haven’t seen the book…I will over the weekend. I am a huge fan of Nancy Bush .. her attention to historical detail is always right on!

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Karen had been to Stitches on Friday…and she purchased a dynamite pattern Liesel  from CocoKnits. This vendor/designer had models to try on of the patterns that she has designed….lovely…lovely…lovely! Karen was so excited with the design and she found the yarn specificed in the pattern,  Euro Flax Linen.  Not only is Karen H excited but so was Karen K from our Skein Lane knittng circle as well as  myself. I tried Liesel on and I felt quite trendy! I have some Euro Flax Linen in my Skein Lane inventory…it’s red and I think it will be stunning. I will embark upon it as soon as I finish the Tomten sweater jacket, a design by Elizabeth Zimmerman, for my newly born nephew, Carson Louis…..Louis is our dad’s name! Brings a tear or two!

I am pointing you to Meg Swansen’s site to learn more about the Tomten Sweater Jacket and Elizabeth Zimmerman – Meg’s mother.


During our 4-hr sprint Karen took Connie and me to the CocoKnits booth…and we both fell in the designs…just as Karen had. Connie tried on Carlie, seen below, and she then went shopping for the yarn – Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Flame. Her color choice was a red-orange. It’s beautiful and Connie will look terrific in it.


More to come in the next post!

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We – Karen, Connie, and I –  had been at Stitches all of about 5 minutes when we stopped in our tracks at the first booth we came to –  The Mannings. This vendor had many beautiful garments and our eyes fell upon their multi-colored shawl. The best part of this shawl is a clever adaption from an Oat Couture’s circular baby pattern. 
The shawl…….

The Oat Couture Baby Coverlet turned Shawl

The pattern……

Oat Couture BB210 - Curlicue Coverlet

Connie is knitting her version with a lovely blue-green choice and Karen is knitting hers in Autumn colors. Both yarns are the fingering weight Mini-Mochie from Crystal Palace. This fun design from The Mannings can be assembled right here in our area.  The yarn is available at K2TOG and the pattern is available from Skein Lane Studio.
Another Skein Laner was also shopping in that booth…more from our Fire person Terry when I see her next and get the details of her purchase. It’s just so fun to be inspired by all that we knitters create.

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Connie, Karen, and Carolyn at Stitches West 2010

Connie, Karen, and Carolyn at Stitches West 2010

We went to Stitches! I had given myself a time out this year…but on Saturday morning the phone rang and the next thing you know I was off to Stitches with Knitting Workshop friends, Karen and Connie. We spent a little over 4 hours at the show… and in that time we covered a lot of ground.

Karen and Connie walked away with 7 projects between the two of them..and some do-dads.  I walked away inspired by a number of lovely garments….a couple of long tanks, a long vest, and several Jane Slicer Smith’s designs. 

As for me I saw a lot of my old customers and retail friends. So…I’ll name drop for a moment because I am grateful to have these folks as friends through this wonderful knitting world. In many cases some of us had not seen each other for a year. The first person inside the door that I saw was the knit designer Chris Bylsma. She was between knitting classes and our paths might not have crossed otherwise. Had a chance to chat with Jane Slicer Smith….the featured designer at this year’s Stitches Event. Lorna Miser and I bumped into each other in on the aisles full of customers looking for “something”. Checked in with Maggi of MaggiKnits and pleased that she had a moment to touch base in the midst of her busy booth.  Helen Hamman was challenged in her booth…most of her goods to sell were “stuck” in customs! Now that would create a challenge. It’s always good to see Cheryl Oberle…we often were business neighbors at past Stitches Events. And lastly I was able to exchange a quick greeting with the great folks from Australia. In years past I have indulged myself at the end of Stitches by purchasing one their lovely woven garments.

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