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We are blessed!

There is often so much to share and it doesn’t make it to “press” as quick as I would like. But today…Saturday, May 5…I am “driven” to share on a timely basis. The last 36 hours have truly been the blessing of friendships that have blossomed, grown, and are now cherished….these friendships sprouted from our coming together to share our love of knitting.

Yesterday Jean returned to our group after a few weeks off sorting out some health issues…she came to knitting…we cheered…we toasted Jean! This morning the Saturday group came together to share the same kind of friendship…and love of knitting..we celebrated our latest creations and upcoming events.

Last evening Kimberly of our Friday group  was inspired to host a spontaneous knitting gathering in her backyard this afternoon…again…we knit…we toasted….we shared our continuing stories.

Jean says it so well……..

“The loving friendships we have created are extraordinary and enormously enrich my life.  All this, and knitting too.”

I wish to echo Jean’s thoughts!

Photos from Saturday morning will post later this evening…..knit on!

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