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Who knew?

I had the best customer phone call this afternoon….I was gardening…the trusty cell phone rang….and there I was talking to Maxine from Cleveland, OH at 4 P.M.  She was looking for a Laurel Burch design listed on Skein Lane’s online store. I said I’d call her right back…needed to look at the listings…I was thinking needlepoint. Oh, the power of the internet….I called her back…she sent me the link…and then I realized we were talking buttons.

Maxine is a button collector and belongs to the National Button Society. Who knew there was a society for buttons? Now maybe Kimberly does but I haven’t heard her mention this when she has talked about her button collection or when she has attended trade shows…maybe her trade show attendance has been knitting and/or beads and not included buttons.

Laurel Burch Button

The conversation with Maxine was so much fun…not only did she find buttons from Skein Lane to purchase….I learned a lot about the buttons and the National Button Society. It seems that many buttons have a history that is recorded on this site. I’ve found the site but have yet to “dig in” or is that “click in”.

We talked about passions…button collecting, knitting, and genealogy (of course I was able to slip that into the conversation). She told me that Cleveland has the Western Research Historical Society Research Center. Really…I’ll be all over that later this evening! Deb K…are you there?

I so enjoyed this conversation/transaction that I wanted to share. Knit onas Elizabeth Zimmerman said and which I often chant now!

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