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Carole joined the “Top Down Sweater” Workshop a while back…and embarked on a top down cardigan. Along her cardigan journey she has been involved in dog shows with her beloved Dulcee….a Portuguese Water Dog.

Not only have dog shows often taken her away from her knitting…but Dulcee had a litter or two…and Carole whelps the pups! So you can enjoy and appreciate her glee at completing her top-down cardigan. She worried about the zipper….she did a fantastic job with both the knitting and the zipper…..it fits her perfectly.

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A gift of love….

A gift of love

It was a recent Saturday morning knit “jam”…we were knitting and talking away when Nina says (very moved), “Carolyn, look at what Carol just gave me!” You can see Nina (on the right) wearing this lovely seed stitch burly/bulky yarn scarf….Carol is on the left. I don’t know their conversation…but I do know it was one of love and caring.

This was indeed a special moment – Nina has recently lost her husband Abe after a lengthy period of illness. We’ve shared their journey for several years….we were all moved by Carol’s generosity of the gift of love in the form of a knitted scarf.

Abe’s memorial is this weekend and our hearts are with Nina and her family!

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