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There are several afghans/blanket in the making in the Skein Lane knitting circles. Here is a sampling.

Some of the yarns used include Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece and Lorna’s Laces’ Shepherd Super Worsted.

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This creativity comes from outside my knitting circle…but how wonderful that it comes from my large multi-generation family. Serena has just embarked on making earrings…they are lovely and I offered to share and promote. Enjoy and contact Serena at 641.691.3908. The price is right – $15.00 per pair.

Serena’s Collection

Click here to see more Serena’s Jewelry!

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Turkey Time – Isn’t this the best? Cameron caught this on her way to knitting…just around the corner!
Just like the Beatles, crossing Abbey Road

This place is kinda barren. Nothing to eat!
Oh $*@#! What is that?

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Carolyn’s Vision – MaggiKnits Large Cowl

I know all of us at one time or another have created a “design element” outside of the pattern….oh should we leave it, take it out (known in knitting circles as frogging), or make it special? In this case, I finished the MaggiKnits Cowl….and while I liked the drape of the Misty Slub piece on the front….I kept thinking it just didn’t look like the photo on the pattern. In fact, I couldn’t even identify it in the photo. So I went back to the promotional photos that Maggi sent me earlier this year….and I now see that “Maggi’s vision” was that the drape was on the inside of the cowl with just a hint of it showing.

What to do? Take the drape off and sew on the other way….leave it as is….or think of another solution??? Well, I was loathe to take it off and decided to have this be “Carolyn’s vision” of the drape. I gathered up one end of the drape and secure it up by the button. I am really liking it. You can look at “Maggi’s vision” featured on the left side of this photo.   Check out the other color choices at Maggi Knits Large Cotton Cowl.

These kits retail for $105.00 and will be available at Skein Lane online store in the next day or two. We can also customize a kit for different colors.

 p.s. There are 10 skeins/balls of yarn in each kit, a button specific to colorway and the pattern. Unkitted the retail price would be about $117.

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Woohoo … Just off the needles! I have one design detail to change….another post with project details to follow this weekend. Now to go shopping for the right “shirt” for this lovely cowl.


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Ellen and her version of the Shaelyn Shawl

Darn…..I was on a roll with this post and wouldn’t you know I apparently hit the wrong key….ugh…post gone. So, I start again!

While the end of this summer has been quiet here on the Skein Lane blog, let me tell you the needles have been clicking. For starters here is what lovely Ellen showed about a week and a half ago at Friday morning knitting….the lovely “Shaelyn” shawl. Ellen takes on the best knitting projects and is always so modest about that. She knit this garment with Sanguine Bryphon “Skinny Bugga” Tomato….unfortunately she tells me that they are out business. But don’t despair…you can be inspired by Ellen and the pattern..and go on to choose your own yarn for this lovely shawl.

Ellen will be away from us for awhile as she continues on her nursing journey…we are always so glad when she can come up for “air” and join us!

p.s. these photos do not do justice to the beauty of the garment and the yarn…so be inspired by what you do see and dream on!

A close up of the Shaelyn Shawl

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