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There are several afghans/blanket in the making in the Skein Lane knitting circles. Here is a sampling.

Some of the yarns used include Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece and Lorna’s Laces’ Shepherd Super Worsted.

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Need to have a quick knit on your needles for this Thanksgiving weekend? Check out these possibilities for a cowl scarf.

About three weeks ago Phyllis came to our Thursday night knitting group with the best looking cowl…simple, good looking and a quick knit. Her pattern called for a larger yarn on a size 17 needle.

The following week Debbie H. came with her three renditions of this cowl scarf. She had a wonderful knitting week! Notice the buttons…a lovely addition/embellisment! You can take any stitch pattern that pleases your eye…using the needles appropriate for your yarn cast on the number of stitches needed (gauge: number of stitches per inch x width) to create width of 5 to 5 1/2 inch….knit your pattern for 30 inches. You can end by including buttonholes, or not, join and add the buttons for embellishment. Phyllis used 1 skein of Malibrigo Rasta, Susanne used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece, Debbie used various yarns from her stash and I’ve made several with Maggi’s Merino Chunky and another one with Rosarios 4 (both types available at Skein Lane Studio….used 3 balls for each one.)

To see the styles up and close you either click through the photo to the larger image or scroll to the slide show which is in larger image. Enjoy!

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Photos from our Saturday knitting work shop….you can also check out this slide show!

Some highlights of their projects. Susanne is knitting her Moderne Blanket from Mason Dixon in Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece and she is knitting the adult version. After she started she learned that her son purchased a Queen-size bed. Her decision – continue knitting the original adult size and let this afthan be a throw for the Queen-size bed.

Diane had two projects to share. The first was the crochet blanket for her son Aaron which had been in process for 3 years. Her plan was to give this gift to her son on Saturday evening. I am remembering that I started a crochet blanket/afghan for my nephew when he was born and I presented it to him when he was 26. I am not quite sure what my hold-up was.

Diane’s second project is a blanket knit with Lion Brand yarn. I know it’s a gift…but I’ve forgotten who gets this lovely afghan.

And we have another baby blanket. Shari is knitting with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. She loves the yarn…and is not excited about seed stitch. Now that she is nearing completion of this project, she thinks it’s wonderful…but a couple of weeks ago she described the project….”If I believed in heaven and hell, I would say that I am in knitting hell!” This brought rounds of laughter.

In addition to the above projects there were many process – Cathy is using her yarn remmants to knit the most beautiful socks; Eleanor is working on socks for her husband Nick; Carol is knitting a scarf; Maggie is reworking her sweater – gauge was off (I’ll talk more about this in a future post).

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It was Thanksgiving, 2008, and time to start the holiday celebrations again. And the Friday knitting group began. We knit, we lunched, we knit….it was the holiday season! And the finale luncheon – the one before Christmas was once again at Skates on the Bay in Berkeley. This time Jean took some wonderful photos and we’re going to see them through Jean’s slide show. Thank you Jean.

Ugh! My scanner isn’t working…and it looks like I need to do some tech work…writing and knitting are much more fun!

Kimberly has been crafting again and we are the lucky one!

Kimberly had been crafting and we were the lucky ones!

Tomorrow: The beginning of the Stole Saga.

p.s. Celebration photos from other knitting workshops will be appearing in the next few days.

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