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Suanne - Dec 2012

Suanne – Dec 2012

Susanne sent the most wonderful email last week…all about knitting and friendship…a theme that I’ve “shouted out” several times during this year. Many of you send similar messages and I am forever grateful for our Skein Lane community……the friendships! I think often think about my grandmother Alta ..she was so involved in her quilting friendship circles..she is actually my inspiration for creating the Skein Lane knitting workshops.

Merry Christmas and ’tis the Season greetings to all!


Here’s what Susanne actually had to say ……

Just got back from a walk with the dogs in my Maurie hat, Janie earrings and my knitted gloves thinking about a book Diane lent me. Carolyn thanks for bringing 
us all together.
Love to you all, you make my life brighter....Suzanne

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