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We had way too much fun at Thursday knitting…Debbie and I were over the top comparing our wraps…..the O’Doyle Wrap designed by Maggi Jackson of MaggiKnits.  We each put our knitting “stamp” on our designs. Debbie added decorative pieces under her buttons….she inadvertently changed the line up of her pieces before seaming…it works! I changed the collar to seed stitch rather than the loops. Debbie and I have more in process to share re: MaggiKnits designs. The end result is so fun…along the knitting path we always make change….because we are knitters and that is what we do!

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PatBesides being connected to Pat through her son and my niece’s marriage 23 years ago,  Pat has also become a friend. I’ve forgotten exactly how long ago, but  at least 15 years, Pat and her husband Don moved from Fremont, CA to Arnold, CA shortly after they retired from their work careers. Pat then took up watercolor painting. I fell in love with one of her first works, the Aspens – it hangs in the knitting studio of my home.

Here’s what is really exciting! Pat  is the featured artist  in this month’s “The Calaveras Chronicle” – her art is featured throughout the newspaper. And her art  is on display at Ebbetts Pass Visitors Center – one of the art pieces has been selected as the logo Ebbetts Pass website. Pat Rohovit - May 13 cover

I couldn’t be happier for Pat. I invite you to look at some of her watercolors featured in the newspaper. You will find them on page 9, two after page 15 and on page 26. I also invite you to see the Aspens. This watercolor never fails to warm my heart!

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Carolyn v2A whole week plus has passed since I completed the O’Dolan Wrap (design by MaggiKnits). I did show/model the garment with Skein Lane knitting groups but I had to get over shell shock from this photo that truly showed that I need to hit the road for more exercise before I shared the joy. I’ve adjusted…and now I share the joy with all of you!

This was a fun knit and completed relatively quick. From the moment I put it on, I knew that this is a garment that I will wear a lot. It not only fits perfectly but it feels good on the body! I am really excited about this!

Note that I have knit this wonderful design with my own trademark stamp…I rarely knit a pattern exactly as presented. So…what did I do differently? The pattern calls for the striped area to be tartan design which means the knitted stripes would be intersected with embroidered stripes. I dress simply to say the least…and the tartan (while beautiful) was too much for me. I made yet one more change…the collar called for a loop knit stitch design…beautiful and yet another feature too much for me. I changed the collar to seed stitch that matches the bottom edges. I love my rendition of Maggi’s vision.

I have photos to share here about the progress points in this project as well as Debbie’s progress in her project. She is knitting the O’Dolan Wrap in the colorway of Red/Black and she is following the pattern design. She will look lovely in the original design.

Debbie's 1st 3 pieces.

Debbie’s 1st 3 pieces.

The layout of this work in process...and my trusty iPad

The layout of this work in process…and my trusty iPad

Notice my iPad in one of the photos. As many of you have already discovered for yourselves, I have found the iPad to be such an invaluable tool. I have patterns, books, patterns, and more books at my immediate view. I am now building my own personal library in iBooks.

If you would like to knit this design it retails for $119 at Skein Lane. I haven’t listed it on the online store yet…for now you can contact Skein Lane directly at skeinlane@aol.com.


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Susanne - Spidery Tank

Susanne – Spidery Tank

Last Saturday when I was getting ready for the morning knitting workshop, I couldn’t quite get happy with my look for the day. It was hot and I really wanted a knitted tank to drop over my cami. I have a couple tops on the needles but not ready for my wearing.

Susanne arrives for our walk before knitting wearing just the look that I was coveting. This lovely piece was inspired by Interweave Knits Spidery Tank pattern featured in the Summer 2009 issue. I’ve become quite enthralled with digital media on my iPad….so I downloaded the magazine today….amazingly enough I did not have that magazine in my knitting library. Susanne used Shaefer’s Laurel….a cotton that so many of us have enjoyed.

An aside….Cheryl has retired and closed her yarn business. This lovely yarn will be gone from the market. Some of us from Saturday morning group were possessed recently (imagine that) … we ordered some Laurel. Of course, I got some because it is one of my favorite yarns to knit particularly since I love knitting with cottons that produce great results. I knit Marty’s Afghan from Laurel which I so enjoyed the knitting and the finished afghan.

Back to Susanne…isn’t this a fun look and perfect for those hot days?! Here’s a close-up of the pattern!

Spidery Tank - back view

Spidery Tank – back view

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Some of you may recall that for several years I have modeled garments that I’ve knit in the Home Economics Club of Contra College’s Annual Fashion Show. Last June I modeled three garments….and arrived home with two. The item that did not return with me was the Rebozo Stole that I knit in Sandy’s memory. This stole was extraordinarily special to me….I helped Sandy pick out the yarn for this project and it was still in her “to-do” stash when her health took a turn for the worst..and she passed away with several of us by her bedside. I knit this stole with such fond memories. I was so proud to model it….I loved it and I loved the memories behind it.

I knew as soon as I got home at the end of the day that the stole was missing. I was so annoyed with myself thinking that I must have dropped it in my haste to get back to the day job. I called the Center where the show was…no there was no stole. I was possessed and drove the 10 miles back to the Center to look for myself. It wasn’t there. For these many months past I’ve often had the “missing stole dismay” pass by me. How could have I lost the stole…how could I left it behind…did I?

Yesterday Lucille of the Home Ec group called wanting to set up a time to meet…we chose 5 pm today. She came with a gift  offered because the Club felt so bad about my stole. What I learned today is that I did leave it at the Center and it was seen after I left….but it did disappear later in the day. This random act of kindness from this wonderful group is because they felt bad for me that I left something precious to me behind. Their gift is heartfelt….I am so grateful for their thoughtfulness. It’s been on my mind to purchase the same yarn to knit the stole again. I loved it then and now it would be an extra special memory.

Diane and Carolyn in their Rebozo StolesDiane and I wearing our Rebozo’s in 2009

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