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I’m so excited that this lovely “fussy” Hitchhiker scarf designed by Martina Behm is done. (You can find this pattern at Ravelry.com). I love the yarn and the results….so why fussy?? It was an 8-row pattern with 4 increases during those 8 rows. Now how tough is that I ask? For me it was a challenge. When I knit garter, which I like to do, I often drift off to another land…..in this case it often meant that I forgot one of my increase stitches. How did I resolve this? I put markers on the needles to count stitches every 8 rows and I knew that each 8 rows must increase by 4 stitches. If I failed that simple test…..one could hear “frogging”!

As I mentioned in a previous post I love this yarn gifted to me by Maurie….many thanks! The colors are perfect and I will enjoy this for many seasons. One day my internal thermometer might cool off and then I will wear lovely garments like this closer up on my neck. So…..in the meantime I put my vanity aside and just enjoy the knitting designs!!

Oh….that reminds again of PJ’s thoughtful advice to me re: cowls. I want to knit the Honeycomb Cowl that is another popular design that you can find at Ravelry.com. I loved PJ’s rendition….a double wrap cowl. She suggested that I consider more stitches for this double wrap. She used a sock yarn and 280 stitches….I am using a sock yarn and 320 stitches. The sock/fingering weight yarn is that lovely choice my “personal” shoppers made at Interweave-Lab last fall. The stitches are cast on and I am on row 4 of 320 stitches. Stay tuned!

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