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BarbaraScottAward[1]It is with great sadness that I share that our knitting friend Jean let me know that her dear life-long friend Barbara, master knitter, passed away this past Monday. Her bright, enthusiastic spirit stayed strong  during the last few months of major illness. You may recall that I’ve mentioned Barbara a few times here on this blog. You can read more about her on this blog post celebrating her years with Knitters Guild of America (TKGA).

Jean shared this from Barbara’s husband, Bob.  He  said, ” I am pretty sure there are a large number of knitters in heaven who needed help and will be greeting her with open arms.”  He could be right!

Barbara will be missed by many. She touched many lives.

Debby from TKGA has graciously shared these lovely photos of Barbara as well as some lovely thoughts and news about a Memoriam.

“It is sad to think that she is gone. She was an invaluable supporter of The Knitting Guild Association, one of our first members and always involved in ways to help other knitters perfect their skills. TKGA recognized Barbara at our Conference in 2007 and awarded her an Honorary Lifetime membership at that time. That is what you see in one of the photos I’ve attached. The other photo is from the TKGA 25th Anniversary in 2010 when she was introduced again for her long-time involvement in the organization. Cast On magazine is carrying a Memoriam in our upcoming Summer issue. Her name has also been added to the TKGA Memorial Remembrance Page online where contributions are already being made in her name to benefit knitting education – something that was dear to her heart.

I have known Barbara for a long time, having worked with her on many projects for TKGA, and I will miss her!”


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BTW...I want Melissa's boots!!

BTW…I want Melissa’s boots!!

It’s preview market night….there is a line to enter the market floor…..knitters are every where!  I capture the beginnings of the crowd and burst into glee when I realize Melissa Leapman, one of my favorite people/instructors, is part of that crowd. Thursday night was busy, Friday was over the stop. We – Maggie, Heather and  I – barely stopped all day. Some of the Friday workshop group met for drinks and dinner Friday night….great fun but no photos…one of us was sick and it didn’t seem right to shoot photos. It was so great to so many old friends while retailing in Maggi’s booth…..I didn’t capture everyone on film. It was great to see Shelli from Knitterly in Petaluma and Liza Souza….both every so briefly but glad to connect. I do love our knitting community.

Oh…..and I did buy something (if you look closely at the photo of Lyn from Cabin Fever/Shetland Yarns you will see the model)….only one thing but it was a kit that I couldn’t resist.

Let’s “shop”!

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Me (Carolyn) modeling new MaggiKnits shawl

Me (Carolyn) modeling new MaggiKnits shawl

Oh….I am so excited…it’s Stitches West time again. Many knitters and retailers will be descending upon the grounds of Santa Clara’s Convention Center Feb 20 – 23. In fact, the retailers and teachers are there today setting up to be ready for all of us possessed knitters who start arriving tomorrow. My excitement is heightened by the fact that I will be retailing with MaggiKnits again. It was so much fun last year (and previous years)….delighted that Maggie asked me to work with her again. I will get to have my “fix” with retailing in the knitting community as well as see so many old friends. I felt a lift in my spirits when I left my “day job” today knowing I was heading to the larger knitting world in the morning. Hurray!!!

You can find Maggie, Heather and me in Booth 613 at Stitches West. Come see us!

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The Gifts Arrived

With some determination and Priority Mail the gifts arrived on time…..well Valentine’s that is! Inside this box was a belated present for Jade.

While my sewing machine (Mom’s 1954 which I love to use) has been set up in the corner of my bedroom for immediate use, I think most of the recent work was mending or curtains. It really was too much fun to be possessed by the urge to sew. When my niece told me recently that she really enjoyed cooking, I thought to myself “how about I sew an apron?” It had been a long time since used my sewing skills. It was like riding a bike again….it all came back pretty quickly…well except my injured thumb caused a slow start with threading the bobbin…..lol! Sewing the  little shirring in the center of the bottom of the pocket was fun; I particularly enjoyed creating the bias with a finished 5/8″ edge.

I’ve now moved the sewing machine to a cubby in the studio area….easy instant access just to pull out and set up on big table! Another creation is in the works….just have to wait for material to arrive….learned earlier today one of them is being shipped from Hong Kong and won’t arrive for a couple weeks. Ugh! I didn’t see that in the fine print.

This morning my sister posted a video of the kids opening their presents. You can see this on my FB page. Love technology for making things so connected!

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News flash in from PJ this week…..”Just in case you thought I don’t ever finish something!” Now that did bring a smile. PJ finishes much and I am delighted that she shared her photos (added a couple of mine) to enjoy!  PJ knit her version of the Honey Cowl using 100% merino “Sock” yarn by Malabrigo. The sweater and cap were knit in Bel Canto….now a discontinued yarn.

You can see more of PJ’s work and comments on Ravelry at PJKnitsUFOs .

The Honeycomb Cowl found on ravelry.com is a big hit with several in this knitting community. You’ve now seen a couple on this blog….there will be a couple more showing within the month. I’ve knit 3 inches of 320 stitches on sock weight yarn….only 8 inches to go. Click, click!!

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This week we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with gifts, cheer, champagne, rain and more knitting. I am sure some of us got at least a couple of rows knit. My Honeycomb Cowl has 320 stitches so I was quite happy to get two rows knit, particularly with all the celebration. Happy, happy birthday to Bonnie!

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Maurie had a vision – she was inspired by colors from a rug/throw that she has….then she and her friends knit this prayer shawl for a friend of theirs. The brilliant colors are from Brown Sheep’s dye room….the yarn is Cotton Fleece. Note that each edge has complimentary lace edgings – two different patterns – English Lace and English Torchon Lace. Both patterns can be found at ravelry.com.

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Two birthday girls – Kimberly and Sarah caused us to uncork the champagne once again. We had two Fridays in a row to celebrate. We even found time to knit. Be sure to check out the love wristlets that Sarah knit and is wearing! Happy, happy birthday…..

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