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A day of remembrance!

My Pearl Harbor post…..5 years ago.

The Fred and Alta Pugh Family - Memoirs by their grandchildren -cousins!

A couple of things made me think of Dad (Louis Pugh) today. Of course, the first would be Pearl Harbor. He was a young man of 18 when he arrived there…7 days after it was bombed. He spent some of his Navy career rebuilding what was destroyed during that WWII bombing. In 1957 when our family was returning from Australia we stopped at Honolulu and Dad showed us….Mom, Betty and me….the entryway to a hotel that he helped to rebuild after the Pearl Harbor bombing…I think it was the tile work on the entryway.

Today we had snow on Mt Diablo and all around the area…now remember that I live in the San Francisco Greater Bay AreaSnow is rare here! This event reminded me of being in the 3rd grade at Buena Vista School in Walnut Creek, Ca…the winter of 1954-55…and Dad came home from a trip…

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