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Some of you may recall that last September I drove from El Cerrito, CA to Twin Lakes Resort near Bend, OR to attend a family reunion….a personal driving best for me! This wonderful weekend…..really 24 hours plus sleep hours…included several lovely moments. Little did I know that one of those moments would be that I had not only met an extended family member, but a fellow knitter….although I didn’t learn this until we friended on Facebook. Since then I’ve learned that he is one with extraordinary talent. His sister’s FB post reads “Beautiful lace tablecloth made by my brother!”
With Kcirtap’s permission I am sharing his work. He tells me that he used #20 cotton and US size 1 needles to knit this tablecloth designed by Herbert Niebling.
I can hardly wait to meet up with him again next September….yep back to Twin Lakes Resort. We will have a lot to discuss.

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