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Before Susanne and her husband moved to Chico, they use to live in Pinole. She was a “regular” at Saturday morning knitting. We were blessed with a visit from her this past Saturday. Not only did we do some of the familiar….walk, knit, eat and yarn shop….Susanne shared her latest project. She said it is her most challenging…she has used life lines to stay on track. She so often knits patterns/designs that have challenge and the results are always beautiful. I asked her to send photos….here they are. I can hardly wait to see this when done. It was so good to see Susanne. We are going to have a knitting weekend in Chico during May….thank you Susanne!

Oh….here is the info re: project….Vogue Spring/summer 2014. Yarn Joyland Tonic 85 Acrylic / 15
Wool, color Gingerbread

Lucy - first day home

Lucy – first day home….May 2009

BTW….my Lucy dog was more than a little happy to see Susanne. She drove with me to Manteca area to pick up Lucy to bring her home….that was almost 6 years ago. Lucy turned six today!

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Memory:  When I unpack this little German Christmas candle treasure every year it takes me back to my early days of living in my first apartment. It was in the building across the street from Safeway on Solano Ave in Albany, CA. I flash back to great times spent with my neighbor Sue …. we were always crafting something. It was during this same time that my nieces spent a lot time with me.


New memory: Our Friday morning knitters continue to celebrate and then some. Rachelle brought us homemade breads (one was a gluten-free banana bread)with the freshest of butter. You could find cards crafted by Kimberly (check out her Etsy store), jewelry in the works by Rachell and Sheri, as well as the sound of laughter and chatter while the needles were clicking! Sheri was wearing her stunning All the Shades of Truth scarf and Karen K was back with us. You might guess we met the newest addition to Jean and Bob’s family. Quincy came home to them a couple weeks ago….all because Jean saw Debra, Quincy’s foster mom, at the recent jewelry show hosted here. Quincy had a date to meet and indeed he did. As we nearing the end of our time together, we were treated by Patricia to jelly beans (all blues) from the Jelly Factory!

p.s……someone, named Jean, not only left my Lucy dog with Christmas treats but left me a wonderful Christmas CD….you can glimpse the title in the photos. Many thanks Secret Santa Jean. xo

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Meet Jack

Meet Jack - Now 7 1/2 years old

No….it’s not Lucy…it’s Jack. I met Jack when  he was a little more than a year old…a puppy…important to note for this tale.

Almost 6 years ago Mary and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate our life-long friend Peg‘s birthday. We always found time for a card game or two when we got together…this card night was at her daughter Shirley and husband Pat’s home….we met puppy Jack. This lively Jack Russell Terrier was beside himself with him joy to have yet more people to entertain him. We finally settle down to our card game…and the next thing we hear is Shirley’s laugh (it’s a lot like mine…not too quiet) and then Peg’s and then we were all in hysterics.

Jack was decorating the house with my yarn…who travels without their knitting projects…not me?! It’s been nearly 6 years…Shirley and I are still laughing about this.

Here’s our FB conversation today.

Shirley:  “Pat and I still laugh about that night…..Jack running off with your yarn/string…sorry don’t know what it is called!!!”

Me: “That made me break out laughing….I will have to post about this on the Skein Lane blog and link it back to the blog about your mom. It was really funny to see Jack running with my yarn. Sometimes Lucy and both cats will still have a “field” day with my yarn. OMG…the first year it was like I was always being teepeed…is that how you spell it?”

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