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Baby Surprise Sweater - "Prototype"

I remember the first time I saw the beginnings of a “Baby Surprise” Sweater.….a customer came into my retail shop – Skein Lane – with the sweater in progress and a copy of the recently “released” pattern (Knitter’s Magazine 1999 I believe). The original pattern designed by knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman was first published in 1968.

Well….I have to tell you I was more than a little puzzled about how that this strange piece of knitted fabric was going to fold up into a such a great baby sweater. Thus, I knit my “Baby Surprise” prototype in 1999….I needed to understand what my customer was experiencing. I chose Noro yarn….a wonderfully variegated wool….I was so excited that after I got the first ball knit I headed over to my store (I was the shop owner and I had the keys)….it was 9 at night…it was dark. I chose what I thought was the same color way…it wasn’t and that mistake was one of the best I’ve made. It added more life to the project. I trimmed it with Brown Sheep’s old offering of Prairie Silk yarn.

Baby Surprise "folded/molded" into sweater!

I’ve knit several since then and have seen renditions from customers. The  most recent creations to share are the two knit by Connie (Friday morning Skein Lane knit workshop) and the one I just completed for Bill’s recently born great grandson Conner.

Be sure to check out ravelry.com for more renditions of this great design! And Kimberly just completed her rendition of this great design that  you can see on her blog.

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A proud giftee - Kevin's son!

Kevin has been knitting for years….he told me the other day that he was a young boy when his mother taught him what to do with those knitting sticks. He has knitted color work for years….he showed us the vest in process for his wife (photos to be shared in subsequent post)….and then he picked up his needles to start the top-down sweater for his son. His goal is now to learn more technique and improve existing technique. He produces lovely knitted fabric…his stitch construction is good…he simply wants to learn more.

On to the body!

The yarn of choice for this sweater is Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece. Kevin began at the neck edge, did the raglan shaping, placed the stitches for the sleeves on waste yarn “holders”, continued knitting in the round for the body of the sweater for an inch or so and then introduced his color design…the initials of his son.

The beginning of the color design!

The Sleeve Details

The stitches on the waste yarn holders were put back on the needles, and the sleeves were knit from the armhole down to the wrist. The fitting technique here is to determine how many stitches are needed for the wrist….how many stitches are on the needles…..how many stitches need to be decreased over how many rows to create desired length. The decreases for shaping create a seam line under the arm which is where the decreases should happen. The decrease “recipe” is K2tog, k1, SSK…..this will create a symmetrical “seam” line.

Almost done!

You can now see the body and one sleeve done. The best is yet to come….the finished sweater.

The finished top-down sweater

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Margot and Twirly Skirt

Sometimes it’s a blessing to be delayed…..the post about the gifts that Margot knit for her two granddaughters (age 18 and 1) has been in my blogging line-up for several weeks now. I mentioned to Margot at today’s Saturday knitting workshop that I was finally posting about her knitting gifts to her granddaughters …and I needed a little more info.

Here’s the blessing! Margot received a Christmas card from her family with a photo of the two girls (sisters)…one in her “Jasmine” Rowan Sweater and the other in her Twirly Skirt.

The Christmas Card Photo - Margot's granddaughters

The details…..the Jasmine Sweater, designed by Lisa Richardson, was featured in Rowan’s Magazine #39 (Spring 2006) …now out of print. I pulled out my copy and took another journey through the wonderful designs…I became wistful…do I have time to add more projects to my knitting lineup? No…but I probably will. Margot used a different yarn than the design specified. Her choice was Frog Tree’s Cotton/Silk mix – 85% pima cotton and 15% silk. It was a wonderful choice.

The “Twirly Skirt” was knit for her 1-yr old granddaughter…..Margot used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece (an all-time favorite of mine)…..she enhanced the design with the addition of eyelets with ribbon.

Did I mention (?) that Margot is a very proud grandmother ( a very dear friend…another blessing…we met because we knit)! Be sure to view the slide show that follows.

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Need to have a quick knit on your needles for this Thanksgiving weekend? Check out these possibilities for a cowl scarf.

About three weeks ago Phyllis came to our Thursday night knitting group with the best looking cowl…simple, good looking and a quick knit. Her pattern called for a larger yarn on a size 17 needle.

The following week Debbie H. came with her three renditions of this cowl scarf. She had a wonderful knitting week! Notice the buttons…a lovely addition/embellisment! You can take any stitch pattern that pleases your eye…using the needles appropriate for your yarn cast on the number of stitches needed (gauge: number of stitches per inch x width) to create width of 5 to 5 1/2 inch….knit your pattern for 30 inches. You can end by including buttonholes, or not, join and add the buttons for embellishment. Phyllis used 1 skein of Malibrigo Rasta, Susanne used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece, Debbie used various yarns from her stash and I’ve made several with Maggi’s Merino Chunky and another one with Rosarios 4 (both types available at Skein Lane Studio….used 3 balls for each one.)

To see the styles up and close you either click through the photo to the larger image or scroll to the slide show which is in larger image. Enjoy!

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Marsha knits and knits and she recently embarked on another log cabin afghan…similar to the Moderne Blanket but different. This pattern came from May 2011 Creative Knitting magazine. This past Saturday she showed the almost finished afghan….she is now edging with a garter edge. The yarn she chose was once again Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece.Here are the six colors that she used….Peridot, Rue, Jungle Green, Lime, Wolverine Blue and Banana.

As many of you know this is one of my favorite yarns to knit and it behaves well before and after! My niece has a sweater that I knit for her son…it went through many washings for two sons…and it is now in the family archive. Stay tuned for photo of that sweater to appear.  I asked my niece if she still had it….her response…”Of course!” She will send a photo soon and then I will share. I will also share my latest Cotton Fleece creation in the next couple days.

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This morning I “found” some close-ups of the twirly skirts that were taken just before popping in the mail. I was inspired to “paint” with yarn on this stockinette design knit with Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece….great fun to add more color with each skirt being unique for each unique niece.

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Maurie and the Rose Heart Afghan

Maurie is one of several Skein Lane knitters who have knit a heart design afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern CH-24. She started with a rose colored Cotton Fleece that she recently finished. She has now embarked on a blue heart afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24)…she decided to do a garter stitch blanket embellished on the edges with hearts. She just cracked us up this morning with her description of her two-year journey to knit the rose-colored afghan…..”with the first blanket I marched through the knitting wilderness as I mastered that pattern.”

The Rose Heart Afghan

The pattern is simply one that requires a little time to get “married” to rhythm of it….Maure was going through lots of changes when she started this blanket…and kudos to her for sticking with mastering the pattern. The blanket is beautiful and I’m delighted that she is inspired to do a modified version. Go Maurie!

Heart Afghan inspired by "Rose Heart" Afghan

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