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Karen L quilts and quilts when she isn’t working. This beauty is one of her latest…..made for her sister. I love the design and the colors. The fabric is Michael Miller and the design, color choices, quilting and embellishment are Karen’s creation…..so beautiful.

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On the left….going down

  • Sheri’s latest is The Strandwanderer scarf knit in Miss Babs Zombie Apocalypse yarn.
  • PJ has designed what could be the best neckline for a baby sweater which is almost complete. Look closely at the photo and you will see that the back shoulders lap over to the front leaving a flexible rolled cowl for the neckline. I am thinking that every parent will appreciate how easy it will be to dress their child in this gem.
  • Alice had many things to show and tell a couple weeks ago….
    • …..the recently completed Christmas stocking which is chock full of stitch detail.
    • ……the beginnings of a new vest project – Laurien Vest
    • ……the Lineau Shawl knit with Art Yarns Milano.
    • ……the multicolored scarf was knit in Madelinetosh fingering weight, and the pattern is “Watchet” from the book Curls.
  • I recently gifted my niece Betsy with the Lacey Arches Infinity cowl that I knit from yarn in my stash…whoops don’t remember the brand but it is wool. I added the rose brooch to brighten it up.

As Elizabeth Zimmerman said……”Knit on!”

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We have been together as a knitting group (Friday Morning Knit Group – thus FMKG) and friends for years! We began this year’s celebration with the “white elephant” gift exchange….you know the one where each person takes a number……then the person can either select from the unwrapped gift or bump someone who has unopened their gift. We put a limit of 2 on how many times a gift could bumped/stolen. What do you think is best…..2xs, 3 xs or unlimited?

In the midst of gifts, eats and champagne some knitting was accomplished. At noon we took our celebration to Skates on the Bay.


Now photos from Skates!

Karen H was so kind as to take “mug” shots…..and thanks to Jan for the above table photos.



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This garter stitch scarf was such a fun project. I initially blogged about this on Oct 12 when I first felt this lovely yarn Acadia at Avenue Yarns. My instant reaction was “Oh, what can I knit with this?!” It quickly came to me that I would knit my version of Margot’s scarf. My version was a finer weight yarn – DK rather than worsted. I wanted a change in fiber both in texture and color for the ruffle. Yes, if you look close enough at the ruffle you will see that there is a slight variation in the color and the weight. As soon it came off the needles and I tried it on…..I was even more pleased with the results. It will be another “go to” scarf for me. My current “go to” is the hitchhiker scarf that I finished early last year (2014).

Here are the details of my version……

Body of scarf was knit (size 6 ndl) with 2 skeins (145 yds ea)  of DK weight Acadia – 60% Merino Wool, 20% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk. The ruffle was knit (size 5 ndl) with Malibrigo Superwash sock weight yarn.

Instructions  – Body of Scarf

  • Cast on 5 sts.
  • Increase section – This is a 4-row repeat (used in many rounded scarf patterns).
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the beginning of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.  If you want a wider I-cord, consider slipping 3 stitches.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch, M1, K last stitch.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
  • Repeat the above 4-row repeat until the scarf is as deep and 1/2 wide as you would like. In my case, it was 8″ deep (from I-cord edge to the edge for ruffle) and then knit 8″ more to center of scarf with rows 1 and 2 of the 4-row repeat. (Remember row 4 has the increase for the curve and you are not curving right now.) One skein was used for this first half of scarf. Join 2nd skein and knit 8″ more.
  • Decrease section – This is another 4-row repeat.
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the continuation of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch 2 stitches, K2tog.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the decrease shaping of the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
      • Continue until 5 sts remain.
  • Bind off.

Instructions  – Ruffle  Note: the design possibilities are endless – dare to be creative.

  • With circular needle (size 5 in my version), with right side facing you pickup 2 stitches on bind-off edge, 1 stitch in each ridge stitch valley, 2 stitches on cast-on edge.
  • Row 1 (WS)- Knit
  • Row 2 (RS) – Increase for ruffle. For a slight ruffle, you can either increase in each stitch by Knit in front and back of stitch or you could make 1 between each stitch. I wanted a slightly fuller ruffle so I made 3 stitches out of one by Knit in the front, Knit in the back, Knit in the front.
  • Knit 7 rows or desired number for depth of ruffle.
    •  On row 5 I added an eyelet detail.
      • *K2tog, YO*, repeat to end.
      • Knit
      • I used P2 tog bind off which creates a beautiful “elastic” garter finish.

ps….later today I will fine tune this with a legend for the knitting terms.



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With Terry’s recent completion of her some 10 “heart” aghans/blankets, it seems the right weekend to share some of the creativity. These have all been inspired by Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24), and I have hardly begun to capture how many I’ve seen completed in the Skein Lane knitting community. Think it’s probably time to thank Fiber Trends for this wonderful pattern.

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Another birthday ….. another round of celebrations and sharing. This week it was Bonnie from FMKG (Friday  Morning Knitting Group). The knitting table was full not only with chairs filled but with wonderful friendship. At one point there were more than a couple folks singing a camp song from their youth camp days.

Jan arrived looking stunning in her lovely knit shawl. Here are the details from Jan. “The shawl pattern is “Irish Moss” from Verybusymonkey.  And the yarn is Blue Moon Marine Silk (fingering weight) – 51% silk, 29% merino, and 20 % sea cell rayon.  The color is Sky Blue Pink.  487 yds per skein and one skein should have been sufficient but wasn’t.  Fortunately the pattern includes a shortened version and I was glad of that anyway since it would have been too long in the back otherwise. Verybusymonkey patterns are all beautiful, but they also are designed to curve around your shoulders, making them stay put a little better than other shawls.”

I did manage to whip out the iPhone for a few photos…but still way below my norm. Happy Birthday to Bonnie!

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Our Friday morning knit group (FMKG) celebrated it’s first birthday of the year….Kimberly. She was treated to cheesecake (specially made by Merle for Kimberly),  champagne and a variety of gifts. Cheers to friendships and celebrations.

ps….we did some knitting. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post re: Karen H’s finished garment.

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