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This garter stitch scarf was such a fun project. I initially blogged about this on Oct 12 when I first felt this lovely yarn Acadia at Avenue Yarns. My instant reaction was “Oh, what can I knit with this?!” It quickly came to me that I would knit my version of Margot’s scarf. My version was a finer weight yarn – DK rather than worsted. I wanted a change in fiber both in texture and color for the ruffle. Yes, if you look close enough at the ruffle you will see that there is a slight variation in the color and the weight. As soon it came off the needles and I tried it on…..I was even more pleased with the results. It will be another “go to” scarf for me. My current “go to” is the hitchhiker scarf that I finished early last year (2014).

Here are the details of my version……

Body of scarf was knit (size 6 ndl) with 2 skeins (145 yds ea)  of DK weight Acadia – 60% Merino Wool, 20% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk. The ruffle was knit (size 5 ndl) with Malibrigo Superwash sock weight yarn.

Instructions  – Body of Scarf

  • Cast on 5 sts.
  • Increase section – This is a 4-row repeat (used in many rounded scarf patterns).
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the beginning of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.  If you want a wider I-cord, consider slipping 3 stitches.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch, M1, K last stitch.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
  • Repeat the above 4-row repeat until the scarf is as deep and 1/2 wide as you would like. In my case, it was 8″ deep (from I-cord edge to the edge for ruffle) and then knit 8″ more to center of scarf with rows 1 and 2 of the 4-row repeat. (Remember row 4 has the increase for the curve and you are not curving right now.) One skein was used for this first half of scarf. Join 2nd skein and knit 8″ more.
  • Decrease section – This is another 4-row repeat.
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the continuation of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch 2 stitches, K2tog.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the decrease shaping of the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
      • Continue until 5 sts remain.
  • Bind off.

Instructions  – Ruffle  Note: the design possibilities are endless – dare to be creative.

  • With circular needle (size 5 in my version), with right side facing you pickup 2 stitches on bind-off edge, 1 stitch in each ridge stitch valley, 2 stitches on cast-on edge.
  • Row 1 (WS)- Knit
  • Row 2 (RS) – Increase for ruffle. For a slight ruffle, you can either increase in each stitch by Knit in front and back of stitch or you could make 1 between each stitch. I wanted a slightly fuller ruffle so I made 3 stitches out of one by Knit in the front, Knit in the back, Knit in the front.
  • Knit 7 rows or desired number for depth of ruffle.
    •  On row 5 I added an eyelet detail.
      • *K2tog, YO*, repeat to end.
      • Knit
      • I used P2 tog bind off which creates a beautiful “elastic” garter finish.

ps….later today I will fine tune this with a legend for the knitting terms.



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With Terry’s recent completion of her some 10 “heart” aghans/blankets, it seems the right weekend to share some of the creativity. These have all been inspired by Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24), and I have hardly begun to capture how many I’ve seen completed in the Skein Lane knitting community. Think it’s probably time to thank Fiber Trends for this wonderful pattern.

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Another birthday ….. another round of celebrations and sharing. This week it was Bonnie from FMKG (Friday  Morning Knitting Group). The knitting table was full not only with chairs filled but with wonderful friendship. At one point there were more than a couple folks singing a camp song from their youth camp days.

Jan arrived looking stunning in her lovely knit shawl. Here are the details from Jan. “The shawl pattern is “Irish Moss” from Verybusymonkey.  And the yarn is Blue Moon Marine Silk (fingering weight) – 51% silk, 29% merino, and 20 % sea cell rayon.  The color is Sky Blue Pink.  487 yds per skein and one skein should have been sufficient but wasn’t.  Fortunately the pattern includes a shortened version and I was glad of that anyway since it would have been too long in the back otherwise. Verybusymonkey patterns are all beautiful, but they also are designed to curve around your shoulders, making them stay put a little better than other shawls.”

I did manage to whip out the iPhone for a few photos…but still way below my norm. Happy Birthday to Bonnie!

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Our Friday morning knit group (FMKG) celebrated it’s first birthday of the year….Kimberly. She was treated to cheesecake (specially made by Merle for Kimberly),  champagne and a variety of gifts. Cheers to friendships and celebrations.

ps….we did some knitting. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post re: Karen H’s finished garment.

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New Year’s Eve….a day and evening of remembering days gone by. This year’s post includes both photos we have seen and those that are new to us. Wishing all a happy new year and all the best in 2015.

Grateful for all the friendships and creativity!

p.s. There may be flashbacks to 2014 in the next month….there are more wonderful creations that need to be posted.

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Years ago….19 to be exact…. while visiting family in Geelong, Australia I bought an Australian themed jersey-type fabric to make a quilt for newly-born nephew Daniel. That material stayed stored in a safe place for the right time….this year I decided I must do something with it. It was a little late for the baby quilt but what about a pillow case? I happen to know that he likes themed things and I thought this idea might be a go (it was). That simple thought was the impetus to create themed pillowcases with French seams for this year’s Christmas gifts.

The first round of pillow cases did not include Daniel’s as I had to get five done and in the mail before Christmas….made it with two days to spare. Four were for my Idaho nieces and nephew. The pillow case for each was the same color with the cuff themes being girly for my nieces and a western theme for my nephew.

My life-long friend Mary (who lives in Colorado) is often on the road and I thought she needed a special case for her well-traveled pillow. She is a Western kind of gal. She is the friend who first “borrowed” the horses that we rode in high school. It was years before I figured  out where she borrowed…and I did get some help from Mary with that!

Alrighty… five done and seven more to go as well as one requested apron (for my niece Honara to use in her RV kitchen when they are camping). Here’s that line up.

I see more pillow cases on the horizon! It’s a lot of fun to “theme” them. While Betsy’s doesn’t look particularly themed, it compliments one I made for her in the spring. I added a lace floral piece to this pillow case.

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Saturday’s knitting workgroup celebrated the season with a brunch of fruit, baked oatmeal, cheeses, See’s peanut brittle (my favorite) and in the midst of that was another of my favorites – salt and pepper potato chips with Diane’s clam dip. What a mix of flavors and quite tasty with champagne. We ate, we knit and we were treated by Katie to glitter tattoos! We missed PJ, Margot, Carol C and Shari at this celebration!

ps…..the Baked Oatmeal has become a traditional serving….I discovered this recipe several years ago….it tastes great and the vanilla and cinnamon in that dish creates the best aroma while baking.

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The blessings of the season have been on my mind…….and one of the many are the friendships that are shared throughout our knitting groups. Friday morning knitting group aka FMKG celebrated at Skates on the Bay (Berkeley) yesterday….there were 16 of us there (only one was unable to make it….we missed you Rachelle). We shared years of friendship, a meal, drinks of course, and a “gentle” white elephant gift exchange. I was #1 on the exchange…..and I am pleased to report that I love my gift….and the giver was happy that I received it! Look below for some flashbacks to our previous celebrations!

We knit….we celebrate!

Kimberly and Jan knitting!

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We knit…..and we celebrate much. This past Saturday evening 16 of the 17 of us (1 was traveling) FMKG (Friday Morning Knit Group) came together to celebrate Ellen’s recent accomplishments. She has accomplished much in the last 5 years….she became a nurse….she continued on and just graduated with her Masters in Nursing. This post is all about Ellen……she is an inspiration to us all!……these photos come to us from Karen H.

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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott

It was just a month ago that we remembered Barbara Scott  …. she passed away on Feb 24. She and her husband Bob have been life long friends with Jean (of our knitting circle) and her husband Bob…..friends since college. I have “followed” Barbara through Jean. The memorial service was last Saturday…..I asked Jean how it went. Jean described a loving ceremony and celebration of Barbara’s life. With Jean’s permission…..

“It was a very touching service.  Church had to bring in extra chairs for the overflow crowd.  The minister, a woman knitter who had become a personal friend of Barbara’s, gave a lovely “sermon” entitled “A Stitch in Time” in which she referred to the strands that make up the fabric of our lives and spoke glowingly of Barbara’s love of knitting and teaching and sharing.  There was a nice reception afterwards at the church and her family had changed clothes so that everyone (husband, son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren) was wearing a sweater knit by Barbara.  The walls were hung with her knit sweaters!

We then went back to the house and were able to visit with the family and old friends.  I’ve saved the program to give to you on Friday.  I keep thinking back to Saturday.  It really was a touching tribute to her active life.  Besides knitting, she was very active in her church, in water exercise programs, PEO, a prayer group, was class secretary for the class of 1958 at Cal, etc. etc.  The last musical selection played at her service was “Hail to California” and those of us who knew the words were able to sing!”

Indeed a lovely tribute to Barbara’s life.

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