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The Moderne Blanket – I loved doing this one for my youngest sister’s youngest baby. There is a beautiful picture of all three of her girls cuddled under this blanket….and I will post that photo later.

The Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors – I started this blanket with my living room in mind…and then I received a lovely gift from my friend celebrating our 50 years of friendship. I’d like to think friends since the womb, thus making me much younger than I am…but it was in grammar school on the Plains of Eastern Colorado that our paths crossed. I was so moved by her gift that I thought she should have this log cabin blanket. I pulled it out of its UFO spot, finished it and sent it on. Recently Mary told me that her husband (we all went to high school together) was bragging to some of his co-workers about it…and you know that glaze that sometimes comes over a non-knitter’s eyes…well Charlie experienced it! Sure made my heart happy that Charlie likes the blanket as well as Mary.

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