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Diane with baby blanket

Diane recently finished her second baby blanket for a new addition to her boyfriend’s extended family. Her first was her rendition of the Moderne Baby Blanket. Her second baby blanket was another joy to knit…simple, quick and charming. I asked Diane for the details this evening.  Her answer is at the end of this post.

Isn’t it fun to see Eleanor admiring Diane’s work? It is truly a joy to witness how appreciative and supportive other knitters are of each other.

Not only does Diane knit…but she crafts  cards! Here is the card that accompanied this baby blanket.

Diane's crafted card

Diane's crafted card

Diane’s professional history includes that of being a pastry chef. That talent continues with her…right now she is crazed beyond belief with baking…she even gave up a few evenings of knitting to bake for this spiritual season. Note the response below!

And now Diane’s response to my request for info.

“I got the pattern from “Natural Knits For Babies and Moms” by Louisa Harding. It was the Blanket and Hat on page 39.  I chose it because it looked to be small enough for me to finish it in a short time. The width was for 18” and length 24”. I made it longer, and I would have made it wider if I had been thinking about it.  The yarn was Merino 5 by Crystal Palace Yarns. It was a 100% Superwash Merino Wool.

The pattern is very simple but pleasing to the eye. I did get the impression she loved it and appreciated my effort. I made the hat that went with the blanket, and I really did not like how I joined it, as I didn’t have my instructions with me to seam it, but I gave it anyway..figured the baby would out grow it very quickly!

My card making started about 5 years ago with Sally, and we still try to get together to make cards about once a month. The cards I make seem to be always so well received, and make me look like I am very creative, even tho it’s done with a template for the center. Anyway, I do love being able to use hand made cards as part of the gift.

I have a feeling that in this particular family knitted and crocheted gifts are taken care of, and passed from family member to family member. I happen to know that the bassinette is 73 years old, and still being used by the grandchildren who are now having babies.”

Diane, thank you!

Tomorrow I will tell you about my next major knitting ventures!

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The Moderne Blanket – I loved doing this one for my youngest sister’s youngest baby. There is a beautiful picture of all three of her girls cuddled under this blanket….and I will post that photo later.

The Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors – I started this blanket with my living room in mind…and then I received a lovely gift from my friend celebrating our 50 years of friendship. I’d like to think friends since the womb, thus making me much younger than I am…but it was in grammar school on the Plains of Eastern Colorado that our paths crossed. I was so moved by her gift that I thought she should have this log cabin blanket. I pulled it out of its UFO spot, finished it and sent it on. Recently Mary told me that her husband (we all went to high school together) was bragging to some of his co-workers about it…and you know that glaze that sometimes comes over a non-knitter’s eyes…well Charlie experienced it! Sure made my heart happy that Charlie likes the blanket as well as Mary.

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