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Diane (she’s in a couple of our knitting workshops) has just completed this beautiful sweater for her 1-yr old nephew, Luke.  She has learned alot along the way. The first challenge was that the pattern called for a DK weight (5.5 sts/in) and she chose a Paton’s Worsted weight (5sts/in). We did the math and chose the instructions for the smaller size knowing that we -she- would get a size around 22-24 inches. Now the finished sweater measures out just fine….but what Diane didn’t realize is that Luke is a small guy. He will grow into it.

Some of the other things that she learned are: two kinds of seaming, picking up stitches, the one-row buttonhole, and the P2tog bind off. The pattern is such a compliment to the yarn. I think I want to make an adult size…because one knows I can have never have enough knit items!

Tomorrow: A flash from the recent past of some of the knitting fun we have.

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