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My baby doll and my first baby garment!

I was looking in my archives the other day and two items from my childhood surfaced….my baby doll dressed in the first baby outfit I knit when I was about 9 years old (I learned to knit when I was 8)….and my first knitting bag. Of course, each artifact has its own story.

I wasn’t much of a doll girl…but I did love my baby doll. My family moved to Australia when I was 8 years old and my baby doll came with me….I don’t remember what I named her. But I do remember that she was my favorite doll and she was the giftee of my first baby knit outfit…a pink sweater with what use-to-be white leggings. The sweater has a stitch design and the leggings have shaping with a ribbing waist and a chain “i-cord”.

It’s been suggested that I take “Baby Doll Pugh” to the doll hospital and have her restored…and then share her in a display/shadow box. I am thinking that I will do just that.

Oh….and here is my first knitting bag

My First Knitting Bag

….I will share a story about this bag tomorrow both on this blog and the blog “All About Peg“. When I saw this bag it evoked many memories…one of which it “traveled” with me through high school. So….stay tuned for more reminiscing tomorrow….in fact, I have a couple of other items to reminisce about this week.

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Just in from knitting friend Cathy…..

“I’m so excited because I figured out the practical benefit of ‘smocking’ when a neck ribbing was wonkie…it stuck out. The yarn was chunky-ish…..I’m also perfecting my knitting terminology! The ribbing pulled together perfectly and looks wonderful. Same with the button band!

This is what I was working on (before and after photos) …. the rib ends up looking more tidy.

The method is perhaps called “gather” knitting?  I looked it up on line…about “smocking” …. and found “gather.” I had knit the collar ribbing and then the button bands….. and I casted off. I took a carpet needle with yarn…and went from back to front and then front to back thru each rib…at its outer edge. I then gently pulled the thread to gather the rib more tightly.

Does that make sense?  Without “gathering” the ribbed stitches, I would have had a ruffle!!”

I think Cathy also said that she used the same size needle for all of the garment (body and bands) and she picked up more stitches than needed for the front band. Sounds and looks like “gathering” was a perfect solution for the “wonkie” neck.

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