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IMG_0156What better way to get back to the blogging world of Skein Lane but by sharing the celebration of Jean’s 80th birthday. She is much beloved by her fellow FMKG (Friday Morning Knit Group) knitting gang and it was much fun pulling 11 of the gang of 16 or 17 together for a surprise lunch at Skates on the Bay this past Friday. (Thank you to Merle for being the master organizer.)

Jean knew she was being taken to lunch….the surprise was the lunch location….as well as her joint gift certificate to Avenue Yarns (our favorite LYS). Those who weren’t able to join the celebration due to work commitments or travels were certainly missed…..they sent their greetings to Jean.


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It was Thanksgiving, 2008, and time to start the holiday celebrations again. And the Friday knitting group began. We knit, we lunched, we knit….it was the holiday season! And the finale luncheon – the one before Christmas was once again at Skates on the Bay in Berkeley. This time Jean took some wonderful photos and we’re going to see them through Jean’s slide show. Thank you Jean.

Ugh! My scanner isn’t working…and it looks like I need to do some tech work…writing and knitting are much more fun!

Kimberly has been crafting again and we are the lucky one!

Kimberly had been crafting and we were the lucky ones!

Tomorrow: The beginning of the Stole Saga.

p.s. Celebration photos from other knitting workshops will be appearing in the next few days.

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