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What do these all in have common? Last Saturday morning was abuzz with projects and techniques.

Betsy just finished one her gauntlets…..a bright spring green that matches her zest for taking on life’s challenges. She has decided to move back to Kentucky….she will be greatly missed. The good news is that we have the pleasure of her company through the summer. Love that gauntlet Betsy!

Recently Katie finished a beautiful scarf….the ever popular multi-directional pattern. I believe her yarn choices came from Art Fibers. This past Saturday found her making major progress on her first sweater….Noro yarn and Noro pattern. It will be lovely.

The cardi/cape/poncho knit with Cascade’s Pastaza (now discontinued) that Nina has draping from her needles is another beautiful piece….that beauty came with some pain. She began this project at a time when her time was stretched thin with work and home care responsibilities….and she knit! She was nearing the end last month when when she discovered she had one panel too many on one of the fronts…….the solutions available were to rip it all out – an option that was not okay….so we opted for the practical solution – to isolate the stitches so there would be no more knitting on that end piece/section. Then what? Steek….that means sew and cut. Nina sewed along the section…I then crocheted next to the stitching…and I cut! It was a miracle solution…Nina will be modeling the finished garment soon. By the way, I actually love to cut as a solution for knitting problems. Hmmmm…..think I’ll tell the story soon (for those who have not heard to talk about it) about cutting an elephant out of a sweater.

One more story tell from this past Saturday…..Marsha arrived wearing her stunning purple MaggiKnits Linen Sweater. Marsha was inspired by a sweater in her closet….that became the pattern. I helped her design from that model. Now Marsha has knit this sweater almost twice…she got off in the setting up in her false seams…and uhoh the fronts were off. There was not steeking option here! She and Susanne ripped it out about 6 weeks ago….and I would Marsha had that cardigan reknit in a month. We call her the marathon knitter. Notice Marsha’s matching shoes….she has the best and most interesting color coordination. Her next project is another cardigan knit with Shaefer’s Cotton Laurel (love this yarn now Shaefer is closed/retired)….the yarn is wound and is already on her needles.

It’s been a fun knitting month!

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Posting today was a little fussy! The pictures didn’t want to set up right…so called it a day around 5pm and came back to it just now. There are a couple more photos from Friday that I want to share. Patricia has been knitting on felted slippers but this Friday she returned to her scarf. She will be sending the info (yarn and pattern stats) shortly. In the meantime, here are the photos. Be sure to click through on the photos so you can see a full shot…particularly the one of Patricia.

Jean was wearing a window-pane patterned vest that she made some time ago. She is describing the “steek” for us.

The next photo is me in a non-knit…but wearing a Christmas gift from my nieice and it got rave reviews from the Friday group. Thanks a bunch.

And I am excited to report that I have completed two projects this past week…a basic black scarf for 15-year old nephew Dan and a slouch hat for soon-to-be 12 yr old Sam. The photos will follow in the next few days! Yeah…I can hardly wait to pick up the needles of another UFO.

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