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The socks - yeah they are done!

The socks - yeah they are done!

Now I’ve knit several pairs of socks in my knitting life…and who would think it would take four trys to get the round toe knit correctly  on the second sock of this pair.  Clearly…or maybe not clearly….I was fog- headed as I approached those last few rows…either the toe was too long… or I dropped stitches…you name it. And finally there was success. That’s really good because these socks almost bit the dust before I finished that last sock yesterday. By the way, I really do love the round toe technique for toe shaping instead of the decrease toe shaping on each side of the foot that finishes with kitchner stitch. No kitchner in the round toe technique.

Coming next: photos from this last week’s knitting workshops including a visit from Natasha and her baby.

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