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As I was reading Kimberly’s Craftini this morning I saw the post re: The Colbert Report…knitting…and Chellie Pingree….and North Island Designs. What a coincidence that just this past week one of the knitting group brought Maine Island Classics by Chellie Pingree for show and tell. And I reminded myself  that I have one or two of her books in my knitting archives. I chose these books many moons ago because of the warmth of the designs, the writing, the historical background, and the ease of knitting. I have a real love of the country and the designs in Maine Island Classics have great appeal for me…intarsia of sheep, chickens (my whole kitchen is dedicated to chickens and roosters), sailboats, trees, and sailboats. This is complimented with some aran designs. I’m reminded that I still want to knit one of the designs. The question remains…will I live long enough to finish all that my knitting fingers desire. I’m working on it!

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