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Celtic Knot Web

I’ve always been attracted to wheat weaving designs…could it be that country part of me?  More than a couple of months ago I was at a church function and saw that one of the donations for the raffle was a beautiful wheat straw design that looked something like this. Nan is a wheat straw weaver and her work is stunning! Thus,I want to share the beauty of her work with you. She has a store on Etsy – Nan Rohan’s Shop. I asked her more about her designs and works – here’s what she had to say.

“Since there are not that many of my pieces on Etsy, I’m attaching photos of a few other wheat weavings. On Etsy, if you search for Wheat Weavings or Straw Weavings, besides my few offerings, you will see the work of my fellow straw artist Kathy Reid-Ready from Trinidad, California.
I donated the piece that they raffled last night back in December for the Christmas boutique but it didn’t sell. Judy asked me if it was OK if they raffled it last night. The problem is that I don’t remember exactly what the piece looked like. I do different things all the time, and sometimes I don’t repeat designs so they are one of a kind. So I am attaching a few of my other pieces (mostly given away as gifts so they never got on Etsy). The crucifix was a commission that I did a year ago, and the Mother & Child piece I made for the California State Fair a few years ago (I’ve only made one of those). So forgive me if I give you more than you wanted. You can probably tell the smaller ornament-sized weavings. The Celtic Knot is done on a 10″ brass ring. That and the Mariee de Moisson (Bride of the Harvest) are my favorite wedding pieces to do. I also love to do straw brooches, an example of which I’ve attached. Feel free to use these photos if you like. Thanks for your complimentary words today! Best, Nan”

Nan…thank you for letting me share your work. Here are some of those photos!

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