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Meet Jack

Meet Jack - Now 7 1/2 years old

No….it’s not Lucy…it’s Jack. I met Jack when  he was a little more than a year old…a puppy…important to note for this tale.

Almost 6 years ago Mary and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate our life-long friend Peg‘s birthday. We always found time for a card game or two when we got together…this card night was at her daughter Shirley and husband Pat’s home….we met puppy Jack. This lively Jack Russell Terrier was beside himself with him joy to have yet more people to entertain him. We finally settle down to our card game…and the next thing we hear is Shirley’s laugh (it’s a lot like mine…not too quiet) and then Peg’s and then we were all in hysterics.

Jack was decorating the house with my yarn…who travels without their knitting projects…not me?! It’s been nearly 6 years…Shirley and I are still laughing about this.

Here’s our FB conversation today.

Shirley:  “Pat and I still laugh about that night…..Jack running off with your yarn/string…sorry don’t know what it is called!!!”

Me: “That made me break out laughing….I will have to post about this on the Skein Lane blog and link it back to the blog about your mom. It was really funny to see Jack running with my yarn. Sometimes Lucy and both cats will still have a “field” day with my yarn. OMG…the first year it was like I was always being teepeed…is that how you spell it?”

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