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Yesterday I awoke thinking of the 12 days of Christmas (even humming and that is a stretch for me). I thought momentarily that I would use it as the theme for sharing all the creativity and memories that have been twirling around in my brain since before Thanksgiving…..but that lovely theme is used by many including my dear friend of Kimberly’s Daily Craftini.  So my theme for this season is Memories of the Season along with the creativity and joy that I see so often in our circle of knitting and friendships.

Betty and Carolyn

Betty and Carolyn

A childhood memory: My sister Betty and I are young. She’s enough younger than me that her memory is vague about this, but she does recall singing How Much is that Little Doggie in the Window (she was asked to sing many times when she was young because she had pitch perfect voice).  Mom was driving with her two girls down Mt Diablo Blvd in Lafayette, CA. We see the store windows aglow with Christmas lights; we are full of glee as we are singing (this is before I knew I shouldn’t blast out my voice which didn’t carry a tune ). I remember singing The First Noel, Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and How Much is that Little Doggie in the Window as Mom was driving a “new” Pontiac with a 2-yr old in the front seat and a “bossy” 5-yr old in the back seat. 

Today’s memories: The knitters/crafters, as always, have been prolific. Here comes a random collection! p.s. if you aren’t in these photos you will be sometime in Memories of the Season!

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