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My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

Memory: How funny is this? I was trolling though my old photos and stumbled upon this “great design”. It was my 1st qtr at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and my roommate Diana and I got creative! Clearly we were on a budget! We lived in a relatively new dorm – Ellis Hall. The first coed dorm, Edwards Hall,  opened our freshman year. You might imagine that my parents weren’t having any of that. The joy of so many old photos is that they evoke so many memories. In this case, I so enjoyed my roommate but she didn’t make it past 1st qtr. When she left I think she was planning her marriage. We lost touch…but I’ve never lost the memory of Diana!

More memories created in 2013: These photos are a revisit to photos I posted when I returned from the Pugh Family Reunion in my home town (one of my three) of Stratton, CO. My cousin’s wife, Avril and one of my dear friends, and I visited her mother Lily. This visit and trip through Lily’s craft life of quilting and crochet will be forever special to me.

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