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With Terry’s recent completion of her some 10 “heart” aghans/blankets, it seems the right weekend to share some of the creativity. These have all been inspired by Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24), and I have hardly begun to capture how many I’ve seen completed in the Skein Lane knitting community. Think it’s probably time to thank Fiber Trends for this wonderful pattern.

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New Year’s Eve….a day and evening of remembering days gone by. This year’s post includes both photos we have seen and those that are new to us. Wishing all a happy new year and all the best in 2015.

Grateful for all the friendships and creativity!

p.s. There may be flashbacks to 2014 in the next month….there are more wonderful creations that need to be posted.

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There are many blessings of the season and one is  to share the creativity….the latest “showing” today is Karen’s stole. I love the simple, elegant design which is certainly enhanced with her choice of yarns.

Here are the details.

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Saturday’s knitting workgroup celebrated the season with a brunch of fruit, baked oatmeal, cheeses, See’s peanut brittle (my favorite) and in the midst of that was another of my favorites – salt and pepper potato chips with Diane’s clam dip. What a mix of flavors and quite tasty with champagne. We ate, we knit and we were treated by Katie to glitter tattoos! We missed PJ, Margot, Carol C and Shari at this celebration!

ps…..the Baked Oatmeal has become a traditional serving….I discovered this recipe several years ago….it tastes great and the vanilla and cinnamon in that dish creates the best aroma while baking.

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Carson turned 4

It was just  two or three weeks ago that I sewed an apron for 10-yr old neice Jade….my sister quickly let me know that Carson soon turning 4 would also like an apron. We put our heads together about fabric choice…I found the cowboy boots materials. Then I was back at the sewing machine. The apron arrived on his birthday, Mar 3…..my sister sent me a video of Carson opening his gift and then modeling…..very sweet!! The next day my sister let me know that Carson had been wearing his apron all morning. His grandmother tells me he likes to cook scrambled eggs and pancakes!

I am on a “sewing roll” right now…have a couple more projects lined up.

The cowboy apron…..

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Me (Carolyn) modeling new MaggiKnits shawl

Me (Carolyn) modeling new MaggiKnits shawl

Oh….I am so excited…it’s Stitches West time again. Many knitters and retailers will be descending upon the grounds of Santa Clara’s Convention Center Feb 20 – 23. In fact, the retailers and teachers are there today setting up to be ready for all of us possessed knitters who start arriving tomorrow. My excitement is heightened by the fact that I will be retailing with MaggiKnits again. It was so much fun last year (and previous years)….delighted that Maggie asked me to work with her again. I will get to have my “fix” with retailing in the knitting community as well as see so many old friends. I felt a lift in my spirits when I left my “day job” today knowing I was heading to the larger knitting world in the morning. Hurray!!!

You can find Maggie, Heather and me in Booth 613 at Stitches West. Come see us!

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Dad - Navy 1941

Dad – Navy 1941


A memory about Dad: This is one of the times I wish I had asked Dad (who turned 18 in September of 1941) how he spent his 1st Christmas away from home and in war-torn Honolulu. I do remember that he told us he arrived in Honolulu one week after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was part of the Navy team that helped to rebuild. When we, the family of four, returned from Australia in 1957, we had a layover in Honolulu. Dad showed us a hotel  where he helped to rebuild the front plaza area. I think this photo was taken when Dad graduated from Boot Camp in San Diego.

More glimpses into 2013:

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Santa and Carolyn

Santa and Carolyn



A Santa Memory: My sister Betty and I have fond memories of visiting Santa in the Capwell’s Window on Telepgraph and 20th Avenues in Oakland.  I think Betty was too small for this photo and I kind of remember that she didn’t want to sit on his lap this particular year.

Betty and I  like tradition –  we took her girls there  in their early years (1970’s). Capwell’s closed in 1996.

Today’s 2013 memories:

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What do these all in have common? Last Saturday morning was abuzz with projects and techniques.

Betsy just finished one her gauntlets…..a bright spring green that matches her zest for taking on life’s challenges. She has decided to move back to Kentucky….she will be greatly missed. The good news is that we have the pleasure of her company through the summer. Love that gauntlet Betsy!

Recently Katie finished a beautiful scarf….the ever popular multi-directional pattern. I believe her yarn choices came from Art Fibers. This past Saturday found her making major progress on her first sweater….Noro yarn and Noro pattern. It will be lovely.

The cardi/cape/poncho knit with Cascade’s Pastaza (now discontinued) that Nina has draping from her needles is another beautiful piece….that beauty came with some pain. She began this project at a time when her time was stretched thin with work and home care responsibilities….and she knit! She was nearing the end last month when when she discovered she had one panel too many on one of the fronts…….the solutions available were to rip it all out – an option that was not okay….so we opted for the practical solution – to isolate the stitches so there would be no more knitting on that end piece/section. Then what? Steek….that means sew and cut. Nina sewed along the section…I then crocheted next to the stitching…and I cut! It was a miracle solution…Nina will be modeling the finished garment soon. By the way, I actually love to cut as a solution for knitting problems. Hmmmm…..think I’ll tell the story soon (for those who have not heard to talk about it) about cutting an elephant out of a sweater.

One more story tell from this past Saturday…..Marsha arrived wearing her stunning purple MaggiKnits Linen Sweater. Marsha was inspired by a sweater in her closet….that became the pattern. I helped her design from that model. Now Marsha has knit this sweater almost twice…she got off in the setting up in her false seams…and uhoh the fronts were off. There was not steeking option here! She and Susanne ripped it out about 6 weeks ago….and I would Marsha had that cardigan reknit in a month. We call her the marathon knitter. Notice Marsha’s matching shoes….she has the best and most interesting color coordination. Her next project is another cardigan knit with Shaefer’s Cotton Laurel (love this yarn now Shaefer is closed/retired)….the yarn is wound and is already on her needles.

It’s been a fun knitting month!

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When PJ and her husband Marty travel they always take great photos….here are two that are particularly special for us knitters! (This particular photo takes me back to when I visited my relatives in Napier in the early 1990’s. Could it really be that long ago?) Thank you for sharing PJ!!

PJ says this last week or so…..


Taken just for you in February 2010. Never too late!


Store Front - Ireland 2010

Store Front – Ireland 2012

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