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Cream Annie Scarf….This stole was comfort knitting for me during 2004-2005 when my mother was ill with cancer. It gave me then and now much comfort. And this particular stole inspired others….Diane, Susanne, Natasha, Helen, and Terry….to name a few. The design, a simple 2 x 2 moss stitch, comes from The Queensland Collection by Jane Ellison. The body of the stole is knit with Kathmandu Aran, 85% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere and is enhanced with stripes and fringe of Soft Comfort Kid Mohair (now discontinued). It’s such a joy to knit with this yarn. I have used it for a second Annie Scarf, yes a second, because I wanted to knit in pink and it was a pink that I couldn’t wear in a sweater (too much gray). Remember, you can never have too many stoles! I’ve also used Kathmandu Aran as one of the yarns, along with a lightweight mohair, for the Saturday Morning Jacket.

Pink Annie Scarf….As I’ve said, I was inspired by the previous Annie Scarf to knit this stole in the 2007-2008 time period. I used Pink Kathmandu Aran and in place of the Soft Comfort Mohair I used a lace weight mohair that I strung with beads for one stripe of color. For the other stripe of color I used Waikiki (color 2889) from Crystal Palace. It too has become one of my favorite stoles.

Diane’s finished version in pink  (also striped in Waikiki – color 2889) is featured along with Natasha’s pink version still on the needles. She used a pink, brown, and yellow waikiki(color # 2820) that is much more gentle than it appears in the photo. I can hardly wait to see it finished and fringed. It will be perfect for Natasha to be wrapping up together with her soon-to-be born baby.

. …Annie Scarf pattern and yarn available through Skein Lane Studio.

Tomorrow: The Saga of the Stoles – Part 3

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