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OMG….I don’t know any other way to start! Each of the Skein Lane knitting workshop groups are wonderful and unique…. each have their own distinct personality. Today’s OMG came from me…caused by one of the Friday workshop knitters. Where do I begin? Well, the first is that 3 or 4 of that group have taken on physical health in a major way. They go to Ice Chamber here in El Cerrito…and three of them are featured on Ice Chamber’s blog today. And why? Because they are looking great! I’m secretly, and now not so secretly, quite envious.  What an inspiration to all of us. And the OMG with my loud laugh erupted with Jean’s email…”Looking GOOD!!  And….they knit too!”  And from Merle, “you gals ROCK!”

Some of the Friday Group!

Some of the Friday Group!

Coming next: more Friday group stuff

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