Archive for May 29th, 2009

Jean not only brought her garments back for a better photo shoot, but she came with two more garments, one of which she was wearing, and the other a work in process. The sweater that she was wearing was a design from Just One More Row and she enhanced the design in the shoulder area with a novelty yarn. Remember I said that she is one knitter who wears what she knits! On her needles are the makings of a new scarf…and she is using a pattern, Seafoam, from Vogue’s Stitchionary. She inspired a couple of us, Sheri and myself, to rethink scarves that we were thinking about doing…Sheri began (again) today. She had been working on a scarf pattern that she decided to toss. Here’s Jean again!

Oh, Lucy came to visit the knit group last night and today….and I captured photos of today. You can check out the knitters and Lucy at “the animal farm blog” published as Stan and Ollie….and Lucy. Enjoy the knitting and the animal babies.  (More photos coming in the morning!)

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