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We heard the clicking….not of the needles but that of the crutch helping Karen come up the stairs – five of them….and then a step-down into the studio. She was greeted with a round of cheers, hugs, and kisses!

She had been absent for several weeks….she was doing the most ordinary of things…her office couch had just been cleaned…the cushions were on the floor…she turned around and the next thing she knew she was twisting her leg as she tried to prevent her fall. Yep, she tripped over the cushion. The words of wisdom here are – Be Careful! Most accidents happen in the home or home offices.

Back to Karen….she broke her tibula and was house-bound as her leg mended. She did some knitting….and the knitting group came to her a couple of weeks ago. Like many of us who have unexpected immobility problems, Karen was challenged to manage her work, her household, and her knitting. But she’s back and in full form. She was wearing one of her many knits…now she is working on a MaggiKnits stole. There will be more to say about about that as her stole “builds’….she has six or seven squares done now.

Coming next: More Friday knitting workshop tales!

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Quick update to the truck sweater post – posted earlier this week: the”Playful Sweater” pattern has three choices for design – trucks, cars and sailboats. I updated the previous post to include those possibilities….and, by the way, Merle’s sweater is growing.

Merles car sweater is growing!

Merle's car sweater is growing!

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