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No...it wasn't cold...this photo was taken last year!

No…it wasn’t cold…this photo was taken last year!

We have much to celebrate (besides our love of knitting)  in our knitting groups….it seems that we had several celebrations since Stitches. While some of us were  dining out on the Friday night at Stitches we treated three of our gang for their birthdays – Karen K, Patricia and Sheri. Great food and drinks….and, of course, conversation.

March brought more birthdays to shout out about…..Cameron treated the Friday morning group to an afternoon bowling party. Oh what fun….and what interesting bowling scores for many of us.

The most recent was just last Saturday when we  celebrated Katie’s (of the Saturday group) birthday. Food is always part of our celebrations….there was pineapple, strawberries, homemade macaroons, and my now “infamous” baked oatmeal. I discovered this recipe in a health cookbook a few years back and have served it several times. Imagine my pleasure when Shari S. said her husband enjoys it so much that it is the breakfast dish that he brings to a bi-monthly business breakfast meeting when it is his turn. This dish has become a staple at breakfast/brunch gatherings. The recipe is forthcoming…watch for next post!

Look what Diane made for Katie!

Birthday CardBack of the card




And all the while we keep on knitting….check out Maurie’s latest hat!

Her latest hat...more details to follow!

Her latest hat…more details to follow!

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